October 21, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.242

Care News

When inspection first came in via the CSCI (Commission for Social Care Inspection) the standards laid down were rigorously enforced. Each domiciliary care organisation had to have a Registered Manager and plans had to be in place to achieve this within a limited timescale. Able Community Care in order to comply, as did other domiciliary care agencies, sent their proposed Registered Managers on appropriate training course as required.

The Care Quality Commission, the followers of CSCI, have advised that currently there are nearly 1000 care homes operating in England without a Registered Manager overseeing the organisation.

48 Hour Working Week
The Romanian government is preparing legislation to extend the working week from 40 to 60 hours, and introduce more flexible layoff procedures. The measures are in breach of the European Directive which limits the working week to 48 hours. However, the newspaper notes that the Romanian government, like its counterpart in the UK, may demand "an opt-out which will enable workers to stay on the job for 60 hours a week over a period of up to six months."
(Source: presseurop at www.presseurop.eu)

Quangos axed include:

For a full list of the PUBLIC BODIES REFORM � PROPOSALS FOR CHANGE, visit http://www.number10.gov.uk

In-House News

Three prospective clients have been visited this week, all in Norfolk.

Two Care Managers attended an excellent training day held by the MS Society.

Client reviews have taken place in Nottinghamshire and London.

A new post has commenced in Cornwall for an elderly lady. Care Manager is Sarah, wage is �571.00pw inc.

Interesting Information / Statistics

The cost of free, personal care in Scotland for 2008-2009 was �353million.

Older women are more likely than men to use public transport. In 2006, about two-thirds of women and only a third of men aged 80 and over used public transport.

West Somerset had the highest median age in the UK, at 52.4 years.

Question of the Week
"My mother has a gas fire and I have always made sure that she has a carbon monoxide alarm near it. However, as her sight is getting poor I am not sure she can see it safely and I do not want her bending down to look at it to try! Are there such things as a carbon monoxide alarm that makes a noise or a beep?"

Answer : Yes there are audible carbon monoxide alarms and you should be able to buy one for around �20 from any DIY shop. Make sure however that the one you buy has a British or European Kite Mark and the British Standard number of EN50291. The alarms last for up to five years and each room that has a gas appliance should have one.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.