September 23, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.238

Care News

Hospital car parking which is or will be free in Scotland and Wales and was due to be without charge in England will not be. The money which is provided by car parking charges in England is approximately �200million and to stop charging will impact on finance invested in health care. Depending in which hospital car park in England is used the costs vary from 30pence to �4.00 per hour. The highest costs are incurred in many cases where people who for example have to return frequently for treatment as in cancer treatment and where the hospital concerned does not have special discounts available.

Three months ago free swimming for the under 16's and over 60's was abolished. Some councils have opted to retain free swimming for another year but in areas where free swimming has ceased the number of people swimming has fallen dramatically. For example in Derbyshire the number who swam when it was free was approx. 10,000 per month and this figure dropped to just over 3,800 in the first month when there was no free swims.

Leeds home care cuts fears
Hundreds of council staff fear they could lose their jobs in a major overhaul of the city's home care system. All 1,041 home care assistants in Leeds this week received a letter asking them to consider either voluntary redundancy, early retirement or taking a reduction in their hours.
(Source: Yorkshire Evening Post)

In-House News

Last Friday Able Community Care held a celebration to mark 30 years of providing long term care schemes in individual's homes. The event, hosted at the office was attended by a wide range of guests including those from many of the voluntary organisations, the NHS, solicitors, financial advisors, an MEP, carers, clients, councillors and people associated with Able Community Care. It was a good afternoon.

Prospective clients have been visited in Norfolk and Cornwall.

A new post has commenced in Tyne and Wear for a gentleman with MS. Care Manager is Alan and the wage is �587.00pw inc.

Able Community Care was invited to give a talk on the reality of care in the community at a Probus Club in Suffolk. Interest was high and many questions were asked afterwards.

Interesting Information / Statistics

There are 38,700 people age 65+ in Stoke on Trent of which 22,138 have a limiting, long term illness. Over 10,000 residents of Stoke on Trent are over 85 years of age.

The proportion of non-UK born care workers in England increased from 18% to 20% in the year of 2008. At the end of August 2009 5319 domiciliary care agencies were registered with the Quality Care Commission.
(Source: Skills for Care)

Question of the Week
"I have arthritis and last year a friend bought me a longish cushion that I can put in my microwave and lay round my neck in the winter. I also have cold, sometimes painful feet and would like to know if there is something similar for a person's feet?"

Answer : Cozy Feet Cream Boots are sold by Boots the Chemist and are priced at �16.95 a pair. Like your cushion, you put them in the microwave for two minutes and they are ready to wear. The Cozy boots are gently scented with lavender and can be re heated thousands of times.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.