September 09, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.236

Care News

Nearly 40% of people who are not disabled know any disabled people.

90% of Britons have never had a disabled person in their house for a social occasion.

91% of people however believe that disabled people should have the same opportunities as everyone else.

The above statistics are from Scope who want to show that the results demonstrate that disabled people are relatively invisible in daily life.

Scope is concerned that Government spending cuts will end up pushing disabled people even closer to the fringes of our society.
(Scope 1/9/2010)

The NHS Information Centre has issued figures which advise that in 2010, 22% of all carers provide 50 or more hours of care to ill or disabled friends or relatives. The figure in 2000 was 10%.

Carers UK has launched a new monitoring board on its online forum to monitor where cuts to support for carers, older and disabled people are occurring in the UK. Service closures, tougher eligibility and increased service charges will be advised. The website is:

An article in News has flagged up the problem of teenagers purchasing alcohol online. In stores, ID can be requested with reference to birth date, but when carrying out tests on 345 home deliveries the percentage of delivery drivers asking for ID was far less than in the stores selling alcohol.

In-House News

A prospective client has been visited in Warwickshire and a new client post has commenced in Birmingham for a young man with CP. Care Manager is Alan and weekly wage is �619.00 inc.

MH training has taken place in the Norwich office.

Carol, a client of ours died this week. Our care staff had provided care for Carol, who had MS, for over 7 years without a break in service. Carol had a regular rota of liked care staff and they were supported with input from an hourly care agency who came in three times a day. Twice to help with personal care and once to give our live-in carers a break.

If any reader is still using a video machine we can let you have the following training videos for free:

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"My disabled Mother is an avid reader and gets through several books a week but requires them to be large print books. Do you know of any shop or organisation that sells large print books at reasonable prices?"

Answer : As an exercise I went into one of my local charity shops and ask if they had a section on large print books and the reply was that the books come in and they just go on the shelves. However, after explaining the reason why I asked, the shop said they would now look inside the cover and start a large print section.

It may be that other charity shops already do this, so they are worth a look.

Other suggestions are that the mobile libraries would bring a selection of books to your Mother's home upon request to her local Council Libraries Dept.

If you are online there is an online book shop which also sells large print second hand books and prices go from around 65pence plus postage. The site is:

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.