July 22, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.229

Care News

The Local Government Association and ADASS (Assoc. of Directors of Adult Social Services) commissioned research with reference to the adult social care market. The research has shown that in the current financial slowdown some councils are contracting with fewer homecare providers.

Annually as costs increase for homecare providers, application is made to County Councils for a percentage increase to cover these increased costs. For the year 2010/2011, of the County Councils whom Able Community Care work with, only two have agreed an increase, many have not and several have not acknowledged the letter sent to them.

The Care Quality Commission has decided to scrap star ratings in October.

Kate Hoey MP for Vauxhall has tabled an Early Day Motion, signed on 8th July 2010, with reference to getting a reversal on the decision to introduce medical assessments for new and existing DLA claimants of working age from 2013 onwards.

Call centres for Social Care are increasing around the country. The system works along lines similar to the majority of call centres. Calls will be made to the centre and will then be passed on to the relevant duty social work team. Examples of areas where these have been set up are: Glasgow, Hampshire, Suffolk and Liverpool.

The advantages are given that efficiency improves, it avoids front line teams having to deal with calls that are not their remit and the caller seeking social care services receive a quicker, better service. Calls that are inappropriate can be screened out at the outset.

The flu jab may become a self vaccinating procedure. A flu vaccine patch could be replaced by a skin patch applied by patients who would deliver the vaccine through hundreds of microscopic needles that penetrate the outer layer of the skin before dissolving.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Manchester and Cornwall.

Potential care staff have been interviewed in Lancashire and Stockport.

A client monitoring visit has taken place in Lancashire.

A new post has commenced in Suffolk for a young lady with ME. Care Manager is Jackie, weekly wage is �603.00pw inc.

Sales of Able to Cook are going well and they make excellent presents. (Shop for Christmas early!) Cook from recipes submitted by cooks associated with Able Community care and added to the mix, recipes and stories from many famous names. For further details and the opportunity to buy a copy online please visit our website here: /abletocook.html

The two charities benefiting from the profits from the book are Age UK Norfolk and Connects & Co, a charity supporting young carers.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Long term care funding specialist Partnership have published the following information: (Source: Long term care insurance: News update: 25 June 2010)

Question of the Week
"If I go into a care home will I have to pay for my care? My husband will not be coming with me so will he be able to stay in our home?"

Answer : In order to see if the state will contribute to a person's care home cost, a financial assessment will be made by your local authority. The assessment in this case would be on any assets you have in your name and a share of any assets held in joint names e.g. such as your home, joint investments, other property held in joint names, etc. If your assets are deemed to be above �22,250 then you will be expected to pay for the cost of your care until such time as your assets reduce to that figure.

Your husband could remain in the home if that is his wish to do so. For further information you may like to read the Factsheet 39 of Age UK which covers other financial aspects relating to one of a couple going into a care home.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.