July 15, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.228

Care News

The Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, has revealed that the decision to link benefits to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rather than the Retail Price Index (RPI) will cost those surviving on Disability Living Allowance and associated benefits several hundred pounds a year.

The information was published in response to a parliamentary question asked by Yvette Cooper, a former Pensions Minister. It shows that the top rate of Disability Living Allowance, the main benefit for disabled people, should have risen to �83.45 a week by 2015 if pegged to RPI. Pegged to CPI, it is forecast to rise to �79.90. Carer�s allowance, which is also claimed by many disabled people, is forecast to be �60.35 a week, against �62.95.
(Source: The Telegraph)

In 2008 there were an estimated 83,000 people living in the UK with HIV and it is estimated that there were over 22,000 living with HIV who were not aware that they were infected. In 2008 there were approximately 950,000 tests carried out in sexual health clinics and during the same year less than 1% of people with HIV died.

Warwickshire County Council have announced that the cost of day care could rise from the current �5.55 to �25.00 by next April and that respite care would increase from �4.13 to �51.80 per day from December. Hourly care charges would rise from �9.66 to �16.45 by next April. There is however a three month public consultation period before a final decision is made.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Norfolk and Yorkshire.

MH training has taken place in the office.

3 potential live in carers have attended an interview.

Monitoring visits have taken place in Hertfordshire and Norfolk.

A client review has taken place in Wales.

New clients:

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Interesting Information / Statistics

In the NHS an elderly care bed costs around �400 per day.

James Biggs of Bristol was blinded as a result of an accident and decided to paint his walking stick white in order that drivers of vehicles would notice him. In 1921 he advised the Police and newspapers about his idea but he did not get very far.

In France in 1931 a national white stick movement for blind people was launched and taken up by British newspapers and the BBC broadcast the suggestion that all blind people should be provide with a white stick and that the white stick should become a national symbol. As a result the RNIB started selling white sticks in 1932 followed by the variation of a white cane with added red stripes in 1976 to advise that a person is deafblind.

Question of the Week
"I am a pensioner who can no longer walk too far. I have a dog who I used to take for a walk everyday but I can no longer do this. I have asked around to see if I can find anyone who would take Toby for a walk every day, but no luck. What do other people do in this situation?"

Answer : You gave me your address and I can tell you that there is a dog walking service in your area. Petpals is a UK franchise which provides services for people who have pets and need some assistance with them either on a one off basis, such as holiday cover, or for regular activities such as dog walking. You can contact Petpals by calling the National Enquiry line: 01264 326362, or fax: 01264 326361, or e-mail: ukoffice@petpals.com, or visit their website: http://www.petpals.com

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.