April 22, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.216

Care News

The Personal Care Bill which is designed to give eligible people free care and re-ablement support was passed before Parliament closed down for the forthcoming general election.

However, one of the concessions made in order for the Bill to be passed was that it was agreed that both Houses of Parliament will have to approve the Bill again after the next election when it is likely that arguments about the costs of the Bill and its implementation will arise.

The planned date of implementation of the Bill has now been put back to April 2011 but the results of the general election may have a major impact on the Bill's progress.

The CQC asked 290,000 NHS staff in October 2009 for their views on working in the NHS. The objective was primarily intended for use by NHS Trusts to help them improve working experiences leading to better patient care. All Trusts have been given their individual results. 55% of the staff responded.

From April this year the following changes are made to employment law:

In-House News

Two prospective clients have been visited in Norfolk this week.

Two new clients have commenced having a long term, live-in care scheme:

Mar Chart training has taken place for some care workers.MH training has been accessed by a new care worker at the office in Norwich.

Individual care staff have received MH refresher training from us in Bedfordshire, London and Essex.

A client review has taken place in Hampshire and an unplanned "pop in" visit has been made in London.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"I am disabled and coming to London with friends for a holiday. I would like to know what amenities are available for wheelchair users in London. Can you give any guidance as it would be appreciated?"

Answer : London for Fun at website http://www.londonforfun.com may be a good place to begin searching. The following information comes directly from their website:

"After receiving high number of e-mail's from people with different disabilities requesting relevant tourist information we have composed this page. If you can not find information that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to send us an email. We would like to offer you information on how to access London tourist attractions and sights if you are person with any kind of disability."

The site gives comprehensive up to date information and as the site says, if you cannot find out the information you would like, contact them and they will try to help you.

Motivation is an international disability and development charity working in low income countries and many people offer to donate unwanted wheelchairs to them. However, there are problems associated with donated wheelchairs as they outline on their website and they therefore suggest that if you have a wheelchair that you would like to recycle see if there is a local community or religious wheelchair loan service in your area who would be pleased to take the chair from you. Your local Red Cross may be happy to recycle your old wheelchair as may other smaller organisations.

The reasons Motivation offer for advising recycling in the UK are that in the countries they work in, donated wheelchairs can rarely be adjusted to fit the individual. Ill fitting wheelchairs, particularly when they do not have a pressure relieving cushion, can cause pressure sores, spinal curvature and contractures.

Most UK wheelchairs were designed for use in landscapes we know, both indoors and outside not for uneven unpaved roads, sandy terrains and rough landscapes and when used in such territory, UK chairs will tend to break and then replacement parts are not readily available.

If you wish to help Motivation by selling your wheelchair either locally or on eBay, Motivation would be pleased to receive a donation to further their work. For full details on Motivation visit: http://www.motivation.org.uk

Full-time GPs treat an average of 255 patients a week.
(Source: NHS)

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.