March 18, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.211

Care News

In 2010 anyone can advertise themselves as a psychotherapist or a counsellor because there is no regulation and no statutory protection of these particular titles. Training standards are inconsistent and complaints procedures vary from association to association. There is little inspection or accountability.

Mind has called for the regulation of psychotherapists and counsellors as a snapshot poll by the organisation found that:

Mind firmly supports the need for independent, statutory regulation which would help to protect clients from malpractice. Further details can be downloaded from the Mind website at:

The Department of Health has published a 70 page book with reference to The Health and Social Care Act 2008. It is a Code of Practice for health and adult social care on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance.

The book can be obtained free by going to the order line 0300 123 1002. Website is:

In-House News

MH training has taken place for carers at the offices in Norwich.

Chris Cooke our Manager in the South of England attended a team meeting for a client in London.

Judy Tye, Registered Manager attended a Care Providers meeting in Norfolk.

A new post has commenced in Cambridgeshire for an adult with problems associated with Lupus. Care Manager is Katie Plane on 01603 281917, wage is �608.00pw inc.

Able Community Care is celebrating 30 years of providing live-in care schemes to people with high dependency care needs. Throughout 2010 we are having projects and events to celebrate this milestone.

One of our projects is to publish a cookery book which will be published and offered for sale with the profits being split between two charities, Age Concern Norfolk and Connect Go, a charity which supports young carers.

Our clients and carers have submitted recipes as have many 'famous' people we have approached who have a link with Norfolk in some way.

If as readers of this Newsflash you would like to send in a recipe and tell us why you would like it, or would like to pace an order for the book when it comes out around the end of June, please contact us by email to:

Interesting Information / Statistics

In the age group 60 to 79, about 50 per cent of both men and women used public transport. However, older women are more likely than men to use public transport. In 2006, about two-thirds of women and only a third of men aged 80 and over used public transport.

With the recent number of advertisements on television explaing that people who have dementia still have an enjoyable and valuable life to lead, it may be of interest to learn that many Alzheimer's organisations in the UK have clubs for the enjoyment of people suffering with dementia based on singing. "Singing for the Brain" is the name of some of the many clubs, but one recently opened in Norfolk is "Singing Together".

For details of what is available in any area telephone your local Alzheimer's Association.

Question of the Week
"A friend and I are planning a joint holiday and want to enjoy the event of discussing where we are to go, where to stay, how to get there etc. However, my friend is almost blind and I wondered if there are any holiday brochures that I can get in Braille?"

Answer : It is possible to get holiday brochures translated into Braille and you should be able to find a Braille translating organisation in your local Yellow Pages but there is an alternative that the charity Vitalise Holidays can provide. Vitalise is a national charity providing holidays and short breaks for disabled people including people who have impaired sight. and this year they have brought out their holiday brochure in an audio CD, perfect for joint listening. You can contact the charity at: Vitalise Holidays, Shap Road Industrial Estate, Shap Road, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 6NZ. Telephone for bookings and enquiries to 0845 330 0149. Website:

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.