March 11, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.210

Care News

In the UK Statutory Maternity Leave is for 52 weeks if you are an employee and you may be entitled to receive Statutory Maternity Pay for up to 39 weeks of the Leave. Some employers also have their own maternity pay scheme.

Statutory Maternity Pay is paid at 90% of average earnings for the first 6 weeks and the lesser of �123.06 per week or 90% of average earnings for the remaining 33 weeks.

The European Parliament's Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee have voted through plans to pay pregnant women 100% of their salary for a minimum of 20 weeks. The plans will be voted on in the European Parliament next month. If the proposals are ratified it will treble the current amount which is currently paid out in the UK.

Patients not turning up for hospital appointments is costing the NHS in excess of �600million per annum. Many hospitals are taking steps to reduce the number of missed appointments by:

In addition to the cost, patients not turning up actually lengthen waiting lists.

A recent case against a pensioner who was operating a mobility scooter and found to be nearly three times over the drink driving limit was dropped. Currently mobility scooters are exempt from the drink drive laws.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is calling for drink-drive laws to be applied to all vehicles that use public roads.
(Source: Manchester Evening News)

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Lancashire, Hampshire, Norfolk and Somerset.

A re-assessment of a care package has taken place in Cheshire.

A client review has taken place in Lancashire

Pop in visit to a client to Suffolk.

New posts have commenced in:

Sadly this week Lorna died aged 95 years of age. We had been caring for Lorna since May 2003. From 2005 Lorna had a rota system of just two carers working on a fortnightly changeover basis for her.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Adult children provide elderly parents with 36 hours of unpaid care each month at a total annual cost of �39billion. 23.6 million adults with elderly parents say they are less prepared to help financially with professional care costs than they were 12 months ago.
(Source: Liverpool Victoria 2009)

On average, an emergency air ambulance takes off every 10 minutes in the UK, flying 365 days a year in daylight hours.

The service first started in Cornwall in 1987 after the tragic death of a child because it had taken the ambulance, coming by road, too long to reach the child. There are currently 18 areas where Air ambulances are based covering the whole of the UK. The service receives no government or lottery funding and is totally reliant on donations.

Question of the Week
"A young friend of mine who has become disabled was telling me that he hoped to take up some sort of sporting activity but did not know where such facilities were and what could be offered to someone in a wheelchair. Is there an organization I can refer him to?"

Answer : Launched in 1998 the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) is the umbrella organization for disability sport in England.� They are the people I would in the first instance approach for information that can direct him to what is available in his area, social activities associated with them, etc.

To contact them: English Federation Of Disability Sport, Manchester Metropolitan University, Alsager Campus, Hassall Road, Alsager, Stoke on Trent ST7 2HL.

Telephone Number: 0161 247 5294, Fax Number: 0161 247 6895, Email:

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