February 18, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.207

Care News

Smoking remains the main cause of preventable disease and premature death in the UK. In England alone, over 80,000 deaths per year are due to smoking and about 8.5 million people still smoke in England today.

Plans to cut the number of smokers by pressurising them not to light up at home and in cars have been unveiled. The Government's 'tobacco control strategy' proposes banning smoking at entrances to buildings, selling cigarettes in plain grey packets and the sale of tobacco from vending machines to be banned as part of a series of policies aimed at halving the number of smokers by 2020.

Gordon Brown's plans to expand care services for elderly people is meeting with further opposition. An alliance of 70 councillors from across the country has written a letter to The Times attacking the plans.

The point is also raised that the expectations of vulnerable people who may believe that they can benefit from these proposals may find out that the reality may be significantly different.

In addition the Association of Directors of Adult Services have said that the figures of people who will need care are underestimated and therefore the cost has also been underestimated.

NHS : During the quarter ending 31 December 2009, 15,844 operations were cancelled at the last minute for non-clinical reasons. In the same period in 2008, there were 16,094 cancelled operations.�

In-House News

A prospective client visit has taken place in Norfolk this week.

Client reviews, pop in visits and MH training has taken place in the West Midlands, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire.

A new post has commenced in London for an elderly lady with Crohns Disease. Care Manager is Sam Beddis-Clarke on 01603 281918. Sal. is �549.00pw. inc.

A review meeting has taken place with Carmarthenshire County Council.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"I am a grandmother and mentioned some time back to my grandchildren that they should not throw away their mobile phones as they could be used to raise money for charity. Last week, they brought me a carrier bag full of old ones for me to �use for charity�. At the time this was just a remark but now I would like to do something with them, any ideas of which charities use them to raise money?"

Answer : There are a few charities which will accept old mobile phones one of which is Help the Aged. If you donate the phones to them they will receive a minimum of �3 for each phone.

As you have several it may be easier to drop them into your local Age Concern or Help the Aged charity shop (the two organisations have now merged). If there are in excess of 35 phones then they can be collected from your home. NB Remove all the sim cards.

The last census (2001) reveals that:

There are currently over 200 Hospices in the United�Kingdom, each serving their own local community. A directory of U.K. Hospices, along with information about the services they provide, is available online from The Hospice Information Service.�http://www.hospiceinformation.info

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.