February 11, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.206

Care News

A care home provider has been fined �100,000 after a paraplegic teenager died from injuries sustained when she was lowered into a bath of scalding water.
(Source: Community Care www.communitycare.co.uk/113630)

The Free Personal Care at Home Bill � amendments has been proposed to the bill which will be debated on February 22nd in the House of Lords. One of the amendments would make the introduction of free care at home optional for local authorities. (There has been concern from council leaders over the cost of the bill if it became law.)

Should the amendments be passed at the committee stage it would cause delay in the implementation of the bill and greatly change the substance of the government's plans.

The Alzheimer's Research Trust has published The Dementia 2010 Report and advises that 820,000 people are affected by dementia at an overall cost of �17bn a year. Approx. �50m annually was spent on dementia research compared with �590m on cancer research.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in London and Scotland.

MH training has taken place in the office in Norfolk.

Reviews of client's care plans have taken place in London and a monitoring visit has taken place in Lancashire.

Care for two new clients has commenced in:

The number of members of the general public visiting our website continues to increase. Last month we had almost 3,500 unique visitors. Web site is at: http://www.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"I live on my own in a rural situation and I need some work carried out both inside and outside of my home. I have never used any local tradesmen before as I have not lived here very long. A local person mentioned that a Trusted Traders booklet is available but did not know too much about it, or where I could get it from. Do you?"

Answer : The Trusted Trader or publications of a similar name are being published by many County Councils for the benefit of their local residents. The idea being that if you use one of these traders you will find them trustworthy and fair. I have experience of an older person I know who used a "trusted trader" and the experience was very good.

However, and this will vary from County to County, you cannot assume what checks have been made to provide that trader with the "trusted" label.

Do not take for granted that Criminal Record Checks have been carried out, or that records of county court judgements have been checked, or Trading Standards have checked if there have been previous complaints against the trader. Just ask about the above and if you are not happy with the checks that have been made, you could ask at your local shop, surgery, Age Concern office, etc, to see if they have further information about the trader you are thinking of hiring. In addition they, being local, may be able to recommend another trader to you of whom they have personal experience and can therefore provide a reference for.

In 1997 there were 246,011 full time equivalent Nurses in the NHS earning an annual, average salary of �19,600.

In 2008 there are 315,410 full time equivalent Nurses and their average annual, salary in 2009 was �30,900.

In February 2009 there were 16,219 children under the age of 16 in England with diabetes.

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.