January 28, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.204

Care News

Recent UK research suggests that drivers over the age of 70 are "considerably safer than younger drivers". This age group is no more likely to be involved in a crash accident than any other group.
(Source: Institute of Advanced Motorists)

Mobile Dentistry
The UK's first mobile dentistry service has been launched. Many people live in areas where the nearest dentist is some way to travel, many other people also have difficulty in accessing dentistry on the NHS due to full dentistry registers.DentalXpress launched their new mobile service last month and have a fleet of multi-clinic, multi-room portable dental units.Leicestershire and Rutland PCT is the first NHS Trust to introduce the service and it is planned that other areas will follow.

Health workers lost around 180,000 days off work through stress in a 12-month period. Nurses, doctors and other NHS staff in 11 of Scotland's 14 health boards were signed off for almost 500 days over the year to March 2009.

Figures for the other three boards are not available but their contribution is certain to push the total beyond 180,000.
(Source: Daily Record)

In-House News

A prospective new client has been visited in Wales.

South West Business Development Manager attended Care Life UK Exhibition in Devon.

One of our carers has visited our office in Norwich for Moving and Handling training.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"What is NHS continuing healthcare?"

Answer : NHS continuing health care is care which is arranged and paid for by the NHS for people outside of a hospital situation who have healthcare needs.� The setting "outside of a hospital" can mean in your own home or in a residential care home. NHS continuing healthcare is free.

Eligibility is�based on the healthcare need that a person may have and in relation to that need an assessment of care will be made by�a multidisciplinary team made up of two or more health and social care professionals. The result of this assessment will decide whether a person is entitled to receive the care.

Sales figures show that the average size of a UK female foot has gone from being a size 5 five years ago to a size 6 in 2010.

On average, Carbon Monoxide poisoning kills 40 people per year and injures around 300.

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