December 17, 2009 -- Able Newsflash No.199

Care News

In the Queen's Speech of last month it was pledged that the government would ensure free personal care to elderly people who were in greatest need. The personal care would be provided free of charge to everyone.

Since the Queen's Speech there has been various numbers given as to how many elderly exactly are the neediest, figures seem to be in the range of between 280,000 and 400,000 people.

The free personal care is expected to be given to people who are unable to carry out four task of daily living, such as getting up, getting dressed, using the toilet and carrying out personal hygiene.

It is also estimated that 130,000 elderly people will benefit from the newly announced "reablement care" which is intended to prolong independence of a person by for example, installing a stair lift. Some Councils are already tendering for this service.

The free personal care is expected to come in from next October but a general election will have taken place by then and the practical reality of what will be available may have changed.

The Care Quality Commission in a report has said that despite improvement overall, the standard of care experienced by many older people living in care homes is still inadequate. It cites high turnover of staff, low wages and lack of training as part of the reason. Council areas in which improvement needs to be made as a priority are: Bromley, Cornwall, Peterborough, Poole, Solihull, South Tyneside, Southwark and Surrey.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Norfolk this week.

Mandy G�latar South West manager attended a Preferred Provider Meeting in Cornwall.

Three new clients have started receiving live-in care this week:

Interesting Information / Statistics

The World Health Organisation estimates that by 2020 depression will become the second most important cause of disability in the world.

Less than 8% of disabled people are wheelchair users.

Question of the Week
"My father is over eighty and I believe he is entitled to some state benefits but he is a very private man and will not let me have any access to his income, savings, etc. Is there any way he can find out for himself if he is entitled to any financial benefits, as he would be happy to talk to strangers!"

Answer : It is estimated that 5 million pounds in benefits are not claimed by elderly people every year and it is therefore worth older people making enquiries as to whether they have a claim. Age Concern have a service where they have a calculator online, which is free to use and you will be able to see if you should have been receiving a benefit. If a person does not have access to the internet, call the local branch of Age Concern who will help. Phone number in local telephone book. Website:

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