December 03, 2009 -- Able Newsflash No.197

Care News

Last week the Bill that will help individuals with the highest care needs remain independent for longer, was introduced in Parliament.

The Personal Care at Home Bill will help around 400,000 people with the highest care needs. It guarantees free personal care for 280,000 people - including those with serious dementia or Parkinson's disease - and will also help around 130,000 people who need home care for the first time to regain their independence.

The new proposals, which will cost �670 million, are the Government's first step towards setting up a new National Care Service - a simple, fair and affordable care system for everyone.

In Scotland the number of home care clients receiving personal care services has increased from 32,870 clients in 2003-04 to 44,660 in 2008-09, this is an increase of 36%.

The number of hours of personal care provided has increased substantially from a weekly average of 226,000 hours in 2003-04 to 347,600 in 2008-09, this is an increase of 54%.

Over the last seven years in Scotland there has been a shift away from care homes towards more care being provided in peoples own homes.

The Royal Bank of Scotland lost its appeal over a ruling that it failed to cater for the wheelchair access needs of a disabled teenager who was awarded �6,500 damages.

The teenager who has muscular dystrophy, took legal action after the bank failed to install wheelchair access at a branch in Sheffield.

Judges dismissed the bank's appeal today and ordered it to carry out the necessary access work, which has been estimated as costing �200,000.

Lord Justice Wall said in today's ruling that the counter facilities could not be accessed at the bank and a duty "plainly thereby arose" under the Disability Discrimination Act. He said the bank could have taken steps to provide access for those suffering from disabilities.

"The bank did not take those steps, giving as its reason not the disproportionate cost of carrying out the work, but simply the fact that it would lose the use of an interview room."

The Sheffield branch concerned is a 19th century listed building where access to all entrances is by flights of stone steps.Judge John Dowse ruled at Sheffield county court in January that the bank had breached the Disability Act.
(Source: The Guardian)

In-House News

Potential new clients have been visited in Bedford and Norfolk.

Manual Handling training for two carers has taken place in the office.

Review visits made to Hertfordshire and Norfolk.

Two carer interviews taken place and two new carers put on register.

One pop in visit made in London and also risk assessment taken place in London.

Talk given to Professional Ladies group in Norwich.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"Where can I buy an umbrella that can be attached to a wheelchair?"

Answer : There are several companies which offer wheelchair umbrellas, one of which is Mobility Smart a company in Lancashire. The umbrella is secured to the wheelchair side and folds down when not needed. The price, ex. delivery is �25.02. For further details call 0800 567 7222 or go to their website at: where they also have other aids and equipment for sale.

The number of GP hospital referrals made in the second quarter of this year has increased by 205,000 (7.8%) to 2.8 million against the same period last year.� The number of other referrals made has increased by 110,000 (7.6%) to 1.6 million against Q2 2008-09.

During the same period, first attendances at consultant outpatient clinics have increased by 376,000 (10.2%) to 4.1 million and total attendances increased by 896,000 (7.8%) to 12.4 million compared to the equivalent quarter of 2008-09.

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