November 12, 2009 -- Able Newsflash No.194

Care News

A number of organisations in the purpose built, retirement homes industry have been scrutinised by the Office of Fair Trading. This is because Exit Fees have been charged in some developments when the purpose built home is sold. The contract in the leasehold document has allowed the firms to charge around 1% of the selling price.

As a result the OFT has sent formal written notices to 26 retirement homes asking them to respond to its concerns over their Exit Fees.

It is thought that charging such fees may breach the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations of 1999.

Voluntary undertakings have been given to the OFT by McCarthy and Stone to remove their exit fee of 1%. For further details call the Office of Fair Trading Public Enquiries on 0845 722 4499

Swine flu vaccination programme
More than 11 million people in England who fall into a priority group will be vaccinated against swine flu. Patients will be contacted by their GPs directly if they fall into the vaccination programme priority groups and told about dates of immunisation at their own GP practice, or within their home for the housebound.

In-House News

Michael Gill (accountant) is growing a moustache during the month of November to raise money for Men's Health � specifically prostate cancer. If anyone would like to sponsor Michael please let him know on 01603 281924

A prospective client has been visited in Cornwall.

MH refresher training has taken place in Norfolk and Hertfordshire.

Client care reviews have taken place in West Sussex and Dorset.

A new post has commenced in London for a frail, very elderly lady. Care Manager is Katie on 01603 281917. Wage is �576.00pw inc.

Sadly this week one of our elderly clients died. We had continuously cared for Queenie since April 2005.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"I have a Motability car which enables me to drive and visit my family who live a few miles away. However, my local shops are just round the corner and it would be more convenient for me if I had a motorised scooter for this purpose. Can I get one of these under the Motability Scheme as well?"

Answer : Not if you wish to keep your Motability car. It is possible to have a scooter under the Motability Scheme but you can only have one agreement at any time.

DIAL UK has a network of approx. 120 local Disability Information and Advice Line services which are run by and for disabled people. Last year help was give to over a quarter of a million people from the network. To locate a DIAL near you, go to their website at:

The usual minimum age for driving cars is 17, but if you receive the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance, you can drive at 16.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.