November 05, 2009 -- Able Newsflash No.193

Care News

Government 'must improve pay' to raise quality in home care.Pay and conditions are crucial to the government's attempts to professionalise England's 300,000 home care workers through registration, a sector leader has said.

Les Clarke, director of older people's services at Housing 21, said ministers needed to "face up to the truth" that imposing skills and knowledge requirements would not raise standards unless remuneration was improved.

"You cannot expect people who are so poorly paid to engage in independent professional development," said Clarke, whose organisation employs 5,200 staff in domiciliary and other types of care. Some people working in social care have only basic numeracy and literacy.
(Source: Guide2care)

The new requirements that health and adult social care providers must meet to operate have been published by the DOH. The new framework will be introduced for NHS healthcare providers in April 2010 and for private, voluntary and social care providers from October 2010.

In 2011 the system will be extended to cover dental care and private ambulance.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited this week in: Surrey, West Sussex, Oxfordshire, London, Hampshire, Norfolk and Hertfordshire.

The office held a charity day for the Pink Breast Cancer Appeal. We raised �114.00.

Mandy Gulatar has attented a refresher Food Hygiene Course.

Client reviews have taken place in Norfolk and Hertfordshire.

New client posts have commenced in:

Interesting Information / Statistics

Smoking in the UK - Statistics

% of population who smoke | Amount spent (�) - Region

10.58% | �1,318,206,655 - North East
9.90% | �1,233,482,598 - Scotland
9.56% | �1,191,120,569 - South West
9.38% | �1,168,693,613 - Yorkshire and Humber
9.38% | �1,168,693,613 - East Midlands
9.19% | �1,145,020,715 - North West
8.53% | �1,062,788,541 - East of England
8.44% | �1,051,575,063 - South East
8.44% | �1,051,575,063 - Wales
8.16% | �1,016,688,687 - West Midlands

Source: Cancer Research UK

Question of the Week
"I have recently heard that a neighbour of mine has been conned into having her roof done by what turned out to be "rogue" workmen. It was not until after they had left that she found out how bad a job they had done and she said she thought at the time when they were working that they might not be all they claimed but did not know what to do about it. Is there anyone she could have called whilst the workmen were there?"

Answer : Yes, your local Trading Standards Office (number in your telephone book) have a Quick Response Team (QRT) that goes out to cases where the trader is still on site or returning to.

In addition to attending the incident, if it turns out that such rogue traders are operating in the area then other organisations are contacted such as Neighbourhood Watch and other voluntary organisations so that other people can be warned of such traders.

A typical hip fracture can cost a hospital approx. �25k. The total annual NHS bill with reference to falls is almost �1billion a year.

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Able Community Care.