September 24, 2009 -- Able Newsflash No.187

Care News

For the first time in 15 years the demand for places in care homes has started to rise and the number of residents in homes in the independent sector is projected to rise from 419,000 to 459,000 over the next decade (Laing and Buisson).

Councils around the country pay on average �388.50 per week for each resident but it is believed that the true cost of providing care for an elderly person is nearer to �538.00 per week which leaves families and wealthier residents to provide top up cash or for wealthier residents to pay more each week thus subsidizing state funded residents. Martin Green, chairman of the Fairer Fee Forum says, "The bottom line is councils have not been paying the full cost of care".

The Health Secretary Andy Burnham this week explained that in the next two decades 1.7 million more people are expected to need social care.

The PenFriend - A device that allows blind people to attach and read audio labels on everyday objects has gone on show at a recent exhibiton in Docklands. The PenFriend uses minute barcodes which - when scanned by a digital pen - trigger MP3 files recorded on the unit. It has been developed by a UK firm together with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

It costs less than �60, and can be used to label foods and medication as well as clothing, personal documentation and film and music collections. It works by triggering an MP3 file and giving a spoken description of the item that is labelled. It can hold up to 70 hours of audio recordings and can also be used as a standard MP3 player.
(Source: BBC)

In-House News

A client we have been providing continuous cover for since 1994 has gone on her annual holiday to the Mediterranean to visit relatives. The same carer has been making the trip with Mrs X for the last ten years.

Norfolk County Council has supplied us with 20 masks to help with the Swine Flu out break. If we need more, after we know someone we care for has contacted it, we can apply for more and then post them on to the carer!

Prospective clients have been visited in Kent and Norfolk.

Two new clients have started with our live-in, care provision:

MH Training has taken place in the office in Norwich this week.

Interesting Information / Statistics

People who work and care are legally entitled to ask their employer for flexible working arrangements in order for them both to work and care for someone. A recent survey has shown that 82% of adults are not aware that they have this right to ask for flexible working arrangements to help them cope.

There are now an estimated 83 million disabled people in China of the total number of disabled, 44.16 million are over 60 years old

Question of the Week
"Can you tell me about Direct Payments, how do I know if I am eligible and do I need to already be in receipt of care services from my local Council?"

Answer : The DOH has published a very good booklet on Direct Payments titled "A guide to getting Direct Payments from your Council". This will answer your questions and more and you can download an easy to read version of the booklet by going to:

On the same site is a further booklet about becoming an employer should you decide to become the employer of some one caring for you and this can also be downloaded.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.