August 27, 2009 -- Able Newsflash No.183

Care News

The Department of Health has explicitly stated to local authorities that the independent care sector is entitled to access the national stockpile of face masks for when they are caring for people with swine flu.

With reference to the vaccine, social care workers will be able to receive the vaccine as a priority.

Carers UK have carried out research which shows that some PCTs are still unaware of the funding, �150m, that was promised for carers breaks. Carer organisations are concerned that the money is not being used for the intended purpose. The money was meant to be directed through Primary Care Trusts towards joint working with Social Services to provide the much needed breaks for carers.

The Government consultation on the proposals to implement the EU Agency Workers Directive in the UK closes at the end of the month.

ACAS has published its latest policy discussion document about agency workers in the UK.

Amongst other factors the paper focuses on is the Government plans to give agency workers the same basic, working and employment conditions as permanent employees after 12 weeks in a given post.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire and Hampshire.

Potential care staff have been interviewed in Norwich and Hampshire

Chris Cook Development Manager for the South East has given a presentation to Ashford Care Navigation Service part of Social Services Kent.

A "pop in" visit has taken place in Norfolk

A new client care scheme has commenced in Gloucestershire for an elderly, frail lady in her middle nineties. Care Manager is Sarah on 01603 218915 Wage is �598 pw inc.

Just over five months ago we were approached to care for a very elderly man with dementia. His periods of lucidity were brief but he knew he wanted to remain at home. Able Community Care provided two live-in care staff to cover his needs which were over a 24 hour period. The gentleman died in his home last week.

Last week Sam Clarke, one of our Care Managers married one of our Care Staff, Paul Beddis. A lovely wedding was held in Norwich with Able staff attending. Sam is back from her honeymoon in September.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Adults get between two and five colds a year whilst children catch seven to ten.
(Source: NHS)

St Johns Ambulance organisation has 300,000 members in 42 countries.

Question of the Week
"I live in Northern France and my elderly Father lives on the South Coast. Although I visit him once a month I am not able to come over during the week and this is causing problems if he is not well. Last time when he said he was poorly, I rang his surgery to arrange a home visit, but this was refused. Can I insist that his GP comes out to see him as he is over eighty years of age?"

Answer : The decision to make a home visit rests entirely with the GP. Most GPs will agree to visit patients who would find it difficult to get to the surgery but is it the GP who decides on the course of action, to visit or not, but he/she is obliged to justify the reason for not making a visit.

It may be a good idea to speak to the surgery to see if there are any volunteer car schemes in the area which your Father could make use of at such times.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.