May 28, 2009 -- Able Newsflash No.170

Care News

The CRB is not currently able to access criminal records from Overseas as part of the Disclosure service. However, to help organisations who are recruiting from overseas there is now a dedicated website that provides guidance on obtaining information from 23 different countries, The latest country added to the information base is Turkey. To find out what details you can access from varying countries on this website go to:

Each year in England half a million people die, most of whom would probably, if given the choice, choose to die in their own homes. Sadly, 60%, approx. 300,000 people, die in hospital.

This information has been published in connection with a Commons Public Accounts Report. �286m has been earmarked for "end of life" care but the money is not ring fenced and therefore trusts are able to spend the money on other prioriities.

The Independent Living Fund has announced a number of changes toits Trust Deed. The changes, which were effective from 31 March 2009, allow more disabled people with the highest support needs and lowest incomes to apply for ILF funding.

The changes include the removal of the maximum care package limitof �785 per week, which previously applied to new applications and during the first six months of an ILF award. Also, the group of people that are prioritised when applying to ILF has been widened to include people with income no more than 25% above the Income Support level and those people receiving income-related Employment and Support Allowance.

Other changes include an increase in the maximum payment available from the ILF to �475 per week and increasing the maximum amount of capital and savings that ILF applicants and recipients are allowed to �23,000 (applicable from 6 April 2009). There is no change to the local authority minimum input of �320 per week in direct payments and/or services.
(Source: ILF)

In-House News

Prospective client visits have been made this week to Staffordshire, Lincolnshire and in Norfolk.

Client review visits have taken place in The Channel Islands. Hertfordshire and Kent.

Risk assessments have been carried out in Hertfordshire.

Potential carer interviews have been held in Norwich and in Cornwall.

Bouquets have been sent to clients in Norfolk and Nottinghamshire with thanks for their custom.

This week we were given as a gift a very large calculator applicable to a person with reduced eyesight. If any reader knows of someone who would like this calculator, please send an email to with the name and address and we will be happy to post it on.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the week
"I am a relatively young, disabled person and I want to see if it is possible for me to ride a motorbike. Where can I go for advice as my local bike shop was not very helpful?"

Answer :The Disabled Motorcyclists Association is the place to start for information. They operate a free service, practical help and support to anyone disabled who has a motorbike, scooter, moped, trike even if the person has not ridden before. You can contact them at: The Disabled Motorcyclists Association, Ada House, 77 Thompson Street, Manchester M4 5FY Tel: 0161 833 8817 Mobile: 07947 138303

17% of people with a learning disability are employed.

Less than 8% of disabled people are wheelchair users.

Bangladeshi men were the most likely group in England to smoke cigarettes (44 per cent in 1999), followed by White Irish (39 per cent) and Black Caribbean men (35 per cent). Men from each of these ethnic groups were more likely to smoke than men in the general population (27 per cent). Chinese men (17 per cent) were the least likely to smoke.
(Source: National statistics)

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Able Community Care.