May 21, 2009 -- Able Newsflash No.169

Care News

"Caring for someone with a long-term illness" is the title of a newly published book by author John Costello (Senior lecturer in Palliative Care at the University of Manchester School of Nursing) and published by Manchester University Press. The book is designed to help families, friends and carers to understand the practical and personal issues that face caring for a person with a long term illness and to offer support using this book as a resource.

The minimum wage will be increased in October this year to:

The Dept. of Health's social care recruitment campaign for 2009 has come to an end. The manner in which it interacted with Able Community Care was through the UKHCA which directed potential recruits to its members.

83% of all applicants that came through to care agencies in this way had not worked in a home care setting but 75% of all applicants had some care experience, but of these 52% had only informal experience.

Whereas, the idea of attracting more recruits into the care sector is a good one, it is my view that the details and information sent through to agencies, was not particularly attractive to make very busy, hard pressed, agency recruitment staff view the information with much enthusiasm. Information such as the person cared for relatives, will consider any type of care work and can start next week does not fit in with our recruitment policies and I am sure of several other companies. However, the UKHCA was able to direct more than 2,500 potential recruits to its members for possible work and it will be interesting to read at a later date of the actual figure that progressed to working in the home care industry.

In-House News

Potential carer interviews have been held in Cornwall and Norfolk.

MH training has taken place in Norfolk and a client review in Berkshire.

A new post has commenced in South Wales. Care Manager Sarah Wright on 01603 281915. A lady in her middle years with an acquired brain injury. Wages �598.00pw inc.

A charity "plant and P� sale was held in the office and approx. �70.00 was raised for a local charity.

Mandy Gulatar our Manager in the South West met with Tony Lea of Buffer Zone an Advocacy for Mental Health Issues in Cornwall. To date in 2009 they have supported 53 people with problems ranging from housing, social support, discrimination, protection of vulnerable adults.

Bouquets have been sent to two of our new clients this week as a thank you for their custom.

Sadly this week two of our clients died at home. Margaret had been with us for just over a year and the carer who was with her at the time had been a regular carer who was on her 14th placement with Margaret. Our second client Mary had been with us since 2002 and her carer, Mary, was on her 62nd live-in care placement in Mary�s home. Both clients achieved their wish to remain living in their own homes being cared for by care staff they knew.

Interesting Information / Statistics

When we think of the Health service, volunteers do not immediately come to mind. However, the Health service has over 100 different volunteering roles ranging from fundraising, hospital shops, tea trolley, drivers, meet and greeters, helping to explain operation procedures, e.g. a person who has had an operation for example for open heart surgery can explain what is going to happen as they have been through it themselves, to helping a person deal with the death of a loved one. Volunteering England is the organisation to contact should you wish to volunteer any free time and their contact details are: tel.0845 305 6979 Fax: 020 7520 8910 Email: or write to; Volunteering England, Regents Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL.

Red blood cells survive for six months but white blood cells last just a couple of weeks.

At least 33 million people worldwide are infected with HIV and in the next five years this number is expected to rise to over 100 million.

Question of the week
"My sight is not very good and I find it difficult to read some of my bills and so I wait until someone comes round who will read them for me, but then this means I am sometimes late in paying them. Any suggestions?"

Answer : Your phone bill can be sent to you in large print, in Braille or on audio cd in order that you can listen to your bill. In all cases, the bill is also sent in normal format. Other bills, gas, electricity and bank statements can be sent to you in large print, just contact the appropriate organisation for details.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.