April 16, 2009 -- Able Newsflash No.164

Care News

Government launches free swimming scheme for the over 60s
Free swimming jointly funded by the Department for Culture� Media and Sport� Department of Health� Department for Work and Pensions� the Department for Children� Schools and Families and the Department for Communities and Local Government began on 1st April 2009. In total 289 councils across England (81% of all councils) will be offering free swimming to the over 60s. The initiative is guaranteed to run for at least two years � the period covered by the Government's current spending review.

Devon, Cornwall and the Scilly Islands have launched their "Keeping Safe Scheme", a scheme intended to enable people with Learning Disabilities who find themselves in abusive situations such as bullying when they are out and about. Organisations such as cafes, shops, pubs, etc will display a "Safe Place" sticker which will indicate that should a person with LD find themselves in anxious situation they can literally go to a "safe place".

All people with LD will be offered a "Keep Safe" card which will give their name and a person to contact on their behalf.

The scheme is endorsed by the Police and many organisations involved with people who have LD.

Other similar schemes operate in other areas such as the PIP scheme in Hertfordshire, Leicestershire has a scheme whose card has additional information including a person's medication details, whether they use sign language, lip read, etc.

Last week's Panorama program was horrific and looking at our experiences with Hertfordshire County Council, CSCI and the Scotland Commission for Social Care we obviously had and do have a very different set of inspectors. Our last experience with Hertfordshire Council with whom we had only a very small number of clients contracts for live-in care provision, took approx. seven hours and this was concerned only with the services we provided for Hertfordshire as they had no rights under Data Protection to see details of any other clients or carers who had not worked under the Herts contracts. The inspector was thorough, conscientious and left no area of "his" clients un-investigated.

I am pleased to mention that 20 minutes after the program ended we had an email sent to us with comments such as: "This awfulness has nothing to do with you" and "Try getting in touch with Joan Bakewell".

In-House News

A new client visit has taken place this week in London. (A client returning)

MH training has taken place in Wales.

Client review has taken place in Wales and Gloucestershire.

Potential carer interviews have taken place in Wales and Devon.

MH training has taken place in Essex and Norfolk.

A new client post has commenced in Manchester for a gentleman in his 40's with Friedreich's Ataxia. Care Manager Alan Wilson on 01603 281916. Salary �598.00pw inc.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Ebay � the online auction site last week had 2347 wheelchairs/accessories and 41 Zimmers for sale.

Humans developed a taste for spices as a protection against microbes. These spices were originally evolved by plants to keep away insects. Onions and garlic are particularly good at killing bacteria.

"I am on Income Support and have been given an appointment to attend hospital but I will find the cost of travelling their a lot out of my weekly budget. Can I get any financial help?"

Answer : Patients in receipt of Income Support are automatically entitled to full re=imbursement of their travel costs to hospital. Also, if it is deemed medically necessary then your escorts costs can also be re-imbursed.

As you are receiving Income Support you will need to either present your order book or formFF260 or FF260A covering the day of attending the hospital.

Payment should be made to you at the time of your hospital visit. However, if you receive your hospital appointment in advance, you can contact your local Social Security office who will send you the required form to fill in and take with you, rather than having to complete it on the day of your appointment.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.