December 18, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.149

Care News

New statistics published by the UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS) will be of interest to members in terms of forecasts for demand for health and social care services in the future. This summary article in the Guardian discusses the findings that the size of the oldest group in society - those over 85 - has doubled over the past 25 years to reach 1.3 million, and is predicted to double again in the next 25 years, with the number of people with dementia potentially doubling to 1.4 million in the next 30 years.

Does your dentist wash his hands between patients? During a study of hygiene practice at the Glasgow Dental Hospital and School almost � of dentists failed to wash their hands between patients.

In 2009 the MS Society is developing an advocacy team which will be a network of trained volunteer advocates who will be supported nationally and will be paid staff. Recruitment for an Advocacy Manager will begin in January with recruitment of the other staff in the Spring.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Norfolk and Cornwall.

Moving and Handling Training has been carried out in the offices of Able Community Care.

A team meeting has been held in Berkshire and a Risk Assessment visit has been carried out in the home of a Norfolk client.

A new post has commenced in Sussex for an elderly couple suffering with Crohns Disease and Arthritis. Care manager is Sam Clarke on 01603 281918. Weekly salary is �641.00inc.

This week we lost a client who in March 2007 had a spinal haematoma, he was aged 60. Able Community Care began caring for him in September 07 and he had continuous live-in care cover until he died, at home, this week.

Interesting Information

Question of the Week

...One we have been asked several times this week and will receive the same question several times again up to 24th December...

"I am ringing up to see if you can care for my husband/mother/father over Christmas and New Year"

Answer : Some clients are only looking for care in the morning, evening or night sitters. Those people who are looking for live-in care, if we can, we help.

All of our own clients have been covered for both Christmas and New Year.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this. Have a Happy Christmas and "see you next year!"

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.