November 20, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.145

Care News

The main reason for people under the age of 35 having a cardiac death is that the cause is likely to be an inherited condition. This week a new database has been launched by the DOH which will help identify the incidence and causes of sudden cardiac death. It will identify people who may be at risk from an inherited heart condition and help them get access to the services they need. (Source SCILS)

The recent Joseph Rowntree Foundation found a failure in the management and supervision of night time care in residential homes. CSCI have announced that they will be producing �prompts� for inspectors to help them address the recommendations of the JR report.

Many domiciliary care agencies are bought and sold and CSCI has published guidance on what has to be done when this happens. A person who has purchased a domiciliary care agency for example cannot take over control of the agency until they are registered with CSCI. For further details go to www.csci/

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Cambridgeshire and Wales.

Prospective carers have been interviewed in Norfolk, Dorset and Wales.

Client reviews have taken place in Norfolk, Derbyshire and Lancashire. Risk assessments have taken place in Norfolk and spot checks in Norfolk and Suffolk.

A meeting has been attended with Herefordshire Social Services.

The following new clients have commenced cover:

Surrey, Care Manager Sam Clarke for a young man with limb weakness. Sal. �641.00pw inc. Call Sam on 01603281918

Wiltshire, Care Manager Sarah Wright for an elderly gentleman with dementia. Sal. �635.00pw inc. Call Sarah on 01603 281915

Hertfordshire, Care Manager Katie Clarke for an elderly lady suffering with dementia. Sal �576.00pw inc. Call Katie on 01603 281917.

In an �in house� magazine sale and raffle office staff raised approx. �80.00 for Children in Need.

This week a client who had been suffering with Huntingdon�s Disease died at home, she was in her early 40�s. Continuous care had been provided by Able Community Care since July 2000.

This week David Gifford of Able Communty Care gave a presentation at the Aged Care Association Conference in Hobart, Tasmania.

Interesting Information

Care assistants working for the voluntary sector were on average paid �150 a week less than refuse workers. (Source UKHCA Homecarer)

Question of the Week

Question - I am disabled and my work involves me travelling around the country with overnight stays. I like to exercise when I can but find that when I go to leisure centres I do not know, for example in a town that I have not been to before, the facilities are not always appropriate. Are you aware of a directory that gives details of all leisure centres which I could purchase?

Answer � I do not know of a directory but there is a website that can give you the information you are looking for with reference to leisure centres and their facilities for disabled clients. Take a look at: for this leisure centre information and much more as well.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.