October 30, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.142

Care News

Proposals to allow UK workers to retain their right to opt out of the maximum 48-hour working week may become law in Autumn 2009 if agreed by the European Parliament.

There may be some conditions such as:

(Source: Mentor)

We have mentioned before that many elderly and disabled people who hire personal assistants directly do not have a CRB check on the people they employ. Currently there is no legislation to have directly hired care staff checked.

The thinking of the DOH is that more people should exercise choice over how their care is provided and wish to see personal budgets and direct payments given to increasing numbers of people but a recent survey of council social workers show a high level of concern that giving people money to buy in care without checks such as a CRB being compulsory, makes more people vulnerable to abuse. A view with which Able Community Care totally agrees.

The Scottish Government has announced proposals "to better safeguard vulnerable groups and put an end to needless bureaucracy" which can deter volunteers from helping Scotland's children. The plan is to end multiple checks and create just one "Protection of Vulnerable Groups" (PVG) Register).
(Source: Scils)

From this week Incapacity Benefit will be replaced by the Employment and Support Allowance for new customers. The aim will be to help people back into work whilst recognising an individuals personal health problems that may affect their capacity to do some jobs. The benefit can be lost if co-operation, such as attending interviews, is not ongoing.

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Sussex, Norfolk and The Channel Islands.

A Risk Assessment has been carried out in Suffolk.

A new post has commenced in Derbyshire for an elderly, frail gentleman. Care Manager is Alan on 01603 281916

Interesting Information

About 1.26million people receive local authority-funded social care in England.

CSCI estimates that 6000 older people receive no care services despite having high support needs.

Question of the Week

"My Uncle, who has mobility problems has recently discovered that he has different size feet, the difference being that one foot is 2 sizes smaller than the other. Do you know where we can but a pair of 'odd' shoes rather than having to buy one pair of each size?"

Answer : If you contact any of the following companies they will be able to assist you:

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.