October 02, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.138

Care News

The National Minimum Wage rates are now:

Action on elder abuse has reported that last year cash and property worth tens of millions of pounds was taken from elderly people.

The charity has seen a rise in the number of people who contact its helpline because of financial abuse.

In-House News

This week we have visited potential clients in London, Wiltshire, Eastbourne and Peterborough.

Monitoring visits have been carried out in Hertfordshire and London.

Sue Charles has interviewed potential carers in Buxton.

Katie Clarke will be attending an Adult Protection Course this week.

Jim Green has carried out a Manual Handling update in Norfolk.

Interesting Information

Our experience of older people going into hospital is that they find the prospect an anxious and worrying time. The uncertainty of what is going to happen, how they will be treated, what happens when they are ready to leave, what about the first few days at home, what if I do not recover as quickly as was hoped, etc. are all questions that are asked by prospective, older patients.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence publishes an excellent booklet which has been overseen from an advisory group of older people, from Age Concern and the Alzheimer�s Society and is published to allay the fear element of going into hospital.

The booklet, "Helping you through a hospital stay � Advice from Older People" can be downloaded from the SCIE website and they are happy for organisations concerned with elderly people to add their local contact details prior to distributing copies within their local community.

Question of the week

"As a disabled person I have been told that if I have problems with my gas, I get preferential treatment. Please can you explain?"

Answer : For disabled people, older people and for people with long-term ill health gas suppliers have to offer some different services, which may depend on your circumstances and the availability. For example, if you have poor sight, you can ask for your meter reading to be given to you in Braille, in large print or on an audio tape.

If your meter is in a position in your home that makes it difficult for you to access, you can ask the gas supplier to see if it can be moved to a more accessible place.

If your gas supply is interrupted, you can be given priority for your gas supply to be restored.

The gas supplier will may also provide a free gas safety check of appliances and fittings.

Energywatch is the independent watchdog for both gas and electricity consumers and you can sign up with them to be placed on a Priority Services Register. Go to http://www.energywatch.org.uk to sign up and for more information.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.