September 25, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.137

Care News

In the last five years almost 800 people have been refused professional registration as social workers by the General Social Care Council, 25% of them because of convictions, disciplinary issues or health problems.

On average 40 complaints a month are received by GSCC and more than a third centre on relationships between social workers and service users or their family members.

There are approximately 97,000 social workers and students working in the profession.

The NHS bill to pay solicitors acting for patients in compensation claims has more than doubled in four years. The annual bill in England now tops �90m - a 122% increase in four years, despite the fact the number of cases has remained similar.

The NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) told the BBC the rise was due to an increase in no win, no fee claims, which has led to some solicitors doubling their rates to �600 an hour. About half of the cases the NHSLA sees now are brought by solicitors on a no win, no fee basis as opposed to under a fifth in 2000.
(Source: AOL News)

In-House News

Many readers may remember that some time back we ran a fundraising project to raise money for disabled athlete Mel Clarke in order to help her purchase a new wheelchair. Many readers contributed to this fund.

We are really please to pass on the information that Mel won an archery, bronze medal at the Para Olympics last week and she fired her arrows from the new wheelchair.

Potential clients have been visited in Surrey, Hertfordshire and Dorset.

Client reviews have taken place in Cornwall and Somerset.

A new post has commenced in the Channel Islands. A lady in her early 50�s suffering with MS. Care Manager is Katie on 01603 281917 and the wage is �576.00pw.

Interesting Information

In 1996, the last count, there were 750,000 wheelchair users in the UK. Only 28% of users are under the age of 60.

There are 230 nurse specialist posts for people who have Parkinson�s Disease. There are currently 120,000 patients with the condition. More than a quarter of this number have never been given access to a Parkinson�s nurse.

Radio Poplar, a charity was formed in 1985.The aims and objectives were to relieve the suffering of those who were elderly and infirm by providing a local radio service. The original plan was to broadcast to a couple of old persons' homes in West Leeds. This fell through so the charity applied to the local hospital and set up the station there between 1986-2004.With site changes the station moved into the local community and from January 2005 have been working on the internet. The radio station now also broadcasts to a wider range of people including people with mental health and physical disabilities. The station can be found on the internet at:

Question of the Week

"What is NHS continuing healthcare?"

Answer : This is the name given to a package of services which is arranged and funded by the NHS. It is for people outside of a hospital with ongoing health needs.

You can receive continuing healthcare in differing settings including your own home or a care home. NHS continuing healthcare is free, that is the NHS will pay for the care.

To receive NHS continuing healthcare there is an assessment process but it is not dependent on any particular condition or illness nor on who or where the care is provided.

There is an information booklet titled �NHS continuing healthcare and NHS funded nursing care� published by the DOH which gives comprehensive details and should be available from any hospital or GP surgery.

You are also able to order a limited number of printed copies, but a visit to the Scie site explains how you can download the artwork, etc. to make it personal to each organisation that would like to distribute their own.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.