August 28, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.133

Care News

The Commission for Social Care Inspection shows that more than 80% of care homes are providing good or excellent quality care. Only 384 or 2.56% were failing to provide services to the required standards. Currently 33 care homes have had their rating suspended as CSCI acts to remove their licences.
(Source: Caring Business)

For the first time ever the UK has more people of pensionable age than children under 16, the Office for National Statistics released last week.

Highcliffe on Sea (Borough of Christchurch in Dorset) is a town where 70% of the residents are pensioners.

As at July 2008, 458 GP�s practices in Scotland have signed up to provide extended hours. 357 have declined to offer the service.

In-House News

A potential client has been visited in Guernsey

Client reviews have taken place in Birmingham and Bedfordshire.

A new post has commenced in Alderney for a 75 year old male who requires care after a stroke. The salary is �565.00pw and the current Care Manager is Judith Tye on 01603 281919

Interesting Information

Question of the week

"For the purpose of getting a free CRB, who is deemed to be a volunteer?"

Answer : The CRB�s criteria for issuing a CRB free to a volunteer is:

"A volunteer is a person who is engaged in any activity which involves spending time, unpaid (except for travelling and other approved out-of-pocket expenses), doing something which aims to benefit someone (individuals or groups) other than or in addition to close relatives."

Over 40% of care home staff leave their job within a year of taking up the post and 60% within two years according to a National Care Forum Survey of over 37,000 people.

Asda Supermarket can help blind customers who want to read what it says on the packet or the tin. They have Braille Guns in their stores which will produce a Braille label which can then be stuck on the tin.

Morrisons supermarket have specially designed cutlery and crockery in their Customer Caf� for customers who have difficulty gripping. They will also provide menus in large print and Braille.

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