August 21, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.132

Care News

UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care Association) has advised that many home care providers may turn down new care work because of escalating fuel prices. Many workers rely on their car to get from one clients home to the next client and they are asking to be re-imbursed for the additional cost of the petrol they have to buy.

Meanwhile the home care provider is unable to recoup any of the increased cost from the councils whose clients they are providing care to. Therefore, many providers may turn down work as being uneconomical to run. It is estimated that 64% of homecare providers anticipate turning down care packages wholly or mainly due to uneconomic travel costs over the next three months. The care packages that are being turned down are the ones of shorter duration, e.g. ten minutes, half an hour, an hour,

One local Norfolk agency told a prospective client that they would not accept anything other than a 24 hour booking minimum. The client was looking for a couple of hours on a Saturday and a Sunday. He tried approx. six domiciliary care agencies and could not get one to agree to help him.

We had a similar call from a lady in North Yorkshire who rang for advice as she was having similar problems.

Home care workers have a turnover rate of 24.9% and in the last three months some staff has cited the high cost of fuel as their reason for leaving the care sector.
(Source: Community Care)

In-House News

Potential new clients have been visited in Dorset, Suffolk and Norfolk.

A client review has taken place in Guernsey.

Potential carer interviews have taken place in Buxton.

A new post has commenced in Cheltenham. A gentleman age 70 suffering with vascular dementia. For details call Judy Tye on 01603 281919. Salary �592.00pw

Interesting Information

BBACT is the Blind Business Association Charitable Trust and helps blind or partially sighted people who are considering starting a business or if already in business would like to be part of a growing community of entrepreneurs. For further information visit their website at: or call their local rate number 0845 0450696.

SPECAL (Specialized Early Care for Alzheimers) is an organisation that has been recommended to us by the son of one of our clients. SPECAL provides a range of course, services, advice and information to promote the lifelong well being for people with dementia. They have a website at:

Able Community Care Question

"I am caring for both my Mother and my Father, both of whom are frail. Can I claim the Carers Allowance for two people and is it backdated?"

Answer : Even though you are caring for two people you can only claim one Carers Allowance. If you are able to satisfy the Carers Allowance rules for the last three months then you may get the Allowance backdated. However, if you are already claiming some state benefits these will be taken into account in the calculation of your new status.

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Able Community Care.