July 31, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.129

Care News

With effect from July 26th a new European regulation will mean that all airports will have to provide services that will enable disabled people to board, transfer to other flights and disembark. This will apply if the disability is short term, such as a person with a broken leg or for a person with a long term disability. Assistance will also have to be provided when a person is actually on the aircraft.

If a passenger feels that the above service has not been delivered, that the law has been breached, then they can complain to The Equality and Human Rights Commission 0845 604 5510

For further information look at Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006

A law passed by the country�s parliament on 23rd July 2008 will allow French employers to strike individual deals with unions on working hours.

Prior to this law being passed, the country had a controversial 35 hour working week limit.
(Source: Personnel Today)

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in London and in Manchester.

Potential carers have been interviewed in Norwich and in Plymouth.

A new post has commenced in Berkshire for a couple in their 90�s who are both frail and the lady is blind. Care Manager Sam Clarke 01603 281918. Salary �613.00pw. inc.

Able Community Care have made arrangements with Norfolk Fire Services wherebye we will contact our Norfolk clients to offer to them a free fire safety check. During the last three months, we offered our clients in Suffolk the same service and the takeup response was good. We intend to gradually work our way round the counties, offering all our clients direct access to this free, fire, safety check.

Interesting Information

UKHCA (United Kingdom Homecare Association) is holding it�s Scotland conference �Putting Homecare on the Map� in Edinburgh on Wednesday 24th September. It�s Winter Convention is being held in Reading on Tuesday 4th November and �Providing Quality Homecare Services� conference is being held in Belfast on Tuesday 18th November. For further details contact UKHCA on 020 8288 5291

The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain

The above is the title of a pocket sized book published by Rough Guide and the Motability Care Scheme. It�s content is packed with ideas for days out across the UK.

The book gives easy to understand symbols re accessible facilities at each location and handy maps to make finding the places easier.

The guide is �6.99 and can be purchased by going to the website: http://www.accessibleguide.co.uk Blue Badge holders pay �1.99 for postage and packing only.

Question asked of Able Community Care in August 2007

"As a disabled man I have been riding a motorcycle for many years but now, as I get older, I find that my insurance premiums increase yearly to the extent that I am now finding it almost prohibitively expensive. Do you know of an insurance company that has a special deal for motorcyclists such as myself?"

Answer : I do not know of any particular insurance scheme which can help you but would suggest that you contact the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD). This organisation provides help in the form of grants, learner machines and helps to obtain discounted insurance for disabled people who like to ride motorcycles.

You can contact them by telephoning 08707 590603 or visit their website at http://www.nabd.org.uk

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.