June 05, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.121

Care News

"Help the Aged and Age Concern England have agreed in principle to merge. Both boards of trustees have backed the move and they will now consult with partner bodies, including local Age Concern branches."
(Source: Community Care)

Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary, has been advised by senior police officers that tens of thousands of migrant workers who are working with vulnerable people are not going through full criminal record checks. The reason is that our vetting systems cannot access foreign, criminal records. The registration of care workers, due to come in this year and the further registration planned for next year, the Independent Safeguarding authority (ISA) will not address this problem. Able Community Care, along with all other care agencies have known for a long time that the CRB check is flawed and that the incoming legislative checks will not necessarily provide a safer system but will increase the cost of care services.

Productive Wards
The Productive Ward Programme, announced in May by Alan Johnson Minister for Health, has been piloted in four trusts and is designed to slash unnecessary paperwork for Nurses thus allowing them to spend more time on patient care. The programme empowers nurses to look at how their ward is organised and make changes. Small changes, such as changing patient handover time, re-organising storage facilities and making better use of data can mean that increased time is then available to give to patient care.

In-House News

We are seeking a female, live-in carer for the Christmas period to accompany one of our female clients, who has CP on a sking holiday. Carer must be able to ski! If you are that carer, please contact Judy on 01603 281919

Potential clients have been visited in Devon, London and Berkshire.

Risk Assessments and reviews have taken place in Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Bedfordshire.

New posts have commenced in;Care Manager Nick Turrell has left us and we will advise you of his successor in due course.

Interesting Information

The United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA) in its Homecarer magazine for May, has given a comparison list for Councils in England comparing the average hourly rate local authorities pay against the hourly rates which they will pay independent providers for domiciliary care. In a sample week in Autumn 2006 the average cost of independent sector homecare bought by councils was �12.19 per hour meanwhile the cost of councils, in-house services was �21.53 per hour.

The data given in the magazine for each council is for the financial year 2006/7. The highest average hourly rate paid to independent providers by their council is �13.55 per hour as against the same council in-house cost of �25.65 per hour. This area is Outer London. At the other end of the scale the average hourly rate of council provided care in the East Midlands is �20.31 per hour whilst the rate paid to independent providers is �10.44 per hour.

Question asked of Able Community Care last week:
"Am I right in thinking that a resident living in a care home is allowed to smoke in the home? The carers are banned from smoking but is the resident of the home also banned?"

Answer � In residential homes public areas such as sitting rooms, dining areas, reception areas, corridors and all other communal areas which are enclosed and other places and structures which are �substantially enclosed� are legally required to be smokefree. In addition work vehicles used by more than one person will also have to be smokefree.

Management policy can allow smoking in bedrooms. The person in charge of the home can designate a bedroom in which smoking is allowed and the bedrooms ventilation system does not link into the smokefree areas of the home. A further smoking room for the residents of the home can be designated but has to be fully enclosed by solid, floor to ceiling walls and meeting again the condition of having no linkage into the smokefree areas of the home.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.