May 15, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.118

Care News

A study carried out over a two year period by independent researchers at the National Centre for Social Research and Kings College London have found that 2% or 227,000 older people in the UK are neglected or abused by family, close friends and care workers each year. If incidents involving neighbours and acquaintances are taken into account the prevalence increases to 4.00% giving a figure of approximately 342,000 older people subjected to some form of abuse or neglect annually. Neglect accounts for 1.1% with a partner or spouse being involved in an abuse incident 51% of the time.

Care Services Minister Ivan Lewis has announced that national and local records on the abuse of older people will be systematically collected so that each individual council can monitor abuse and act on it.

A new study for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has raised some issues re. care during the night in residential homes. The legislation relating to care and the inspection processes carried out, are not applicable to care being provided during the night. For example, it is rare that a CSCI/Care Commission Scotland inspections take place during the night unless there has been a complaint about the care service. For further information visit:

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Norfolk, Kent and France.

A risk assessment with the local fire officer has taken place in Suffolk.

Additional carer training on specific equipment has taken place in the home of one of our clients in Norfolk.

Clients reviews have taken place in Norfolk.

A new post has commenced in Nottinghamshire. Care Manager Alan Wilson 01603 281916. Gentleman in his mid-fifties with Parkinson�s Disease. Weekly wage is �598.00 inc.

Interesting Information

Jargon(Source: DOH)

Answers to further questions from our annual customer satisfaction survey:

Question 2:
"Do you feel safer because of the help you receive?"

Apart from three clients who could not communicate the answer to this question, 100% of our clients who returned forms said �yes�.

Question 3:
"Would you consider your care service to be reliable?"

Apart from one client who could not communicate his answer and one client for whom reliability and personal flexibility can be at odds, 100% of our clients said �yes�

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