April 03, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.112

Care News

The Human Rights Act is to be extended so that it will apply to publicly funded residents in private care homes. This is a reversal of a previous decision of the House of Lords. This is likely to affect the ability of care homes to terminate placements, either because an individual is inappropriately placed or because of difficulties with the resident or their relatives. For further reading go to:
Source: RadcliffesLeBrasseur info@rlb-law.com

The number of people barred from working with children under List 99 has risen from 4,927 to 8,036 in the past year. Much of the increase was due to changes in regulations last February to extend automatic bans to people cautioned for, as well as, convicted of sexual offences against children.
(Source: Community Care)

List 99 contains the names, dates of birth and teacher reference numbers of people whose employment has been barred or restricted, either on medical grounds or grounds of misconduct. If a person's employment is restricted, the entry shows the types of employment in which he or she is permitted to work. People barred on misconduct grounds are listed separately from those barred on medical grounds, but no details of misconduct are given.

Action on Elder Abuse and UKHCA have combined to produce a 48 page booklet with the intention that it is a toolkit on Adult Protection aimed for use by domiciliary care agencies. A copy can be downloaded from: http://www.elderabuse.org.uk

Action on Elder Abuse have also published a four page document titled "Choosing the right Care Home". This contains useful, practical information and can also be downloaded from their above website.

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Hampshire and in Wales.

Reviews and risk assessments have taken place in South Wales.

Area Manager Mandy Gulatar has attended a Manual Handling Course update.

Care Manager Susan Lamb has left after five years with Able Community Care and has joined Norfolk Social Services. Susan has been replaced by Helen Norris.

Sarah Houghton, Administration dept., has left us for pastures new and has been replaced by Sally Hall.

Two new posts have commenced in:

Advertisments for carers have been placed in The TV Times this week.

For the period 1st April 2007 until 25th March 2008 our website () has received 63,514 visits from 30,339 UNIQUE visitors, generating 132,554 page views.

Interesting Information

On 28th March a pilot TV news programme was screened for people with a learning disability. The programme came from the 2005 statistic that whereas 83% of the general population watch the news, only 30% of people with a learning disability do.

It is hoped that a weekly series will result from the pilot programme.

Sent in by one of our Gazette readers; a free, directory enquiry service from landlines. To get a free enquiry number ring 0800 100100. The service is funded by advertising.

Question asked of Able Community Care in May 2007

"I have a friend who cares for me and when I was given some new medication last week, one bottle of liquid medicine that I had not finished, she flushed down the toilet. Should she have done this?"

Answer : No. all medication should be returned to your local pharmacy who should have a collection arrangement with the local Primary Care Trust. If they do not have one, then they can advise you which pharmacy in your area does have one.

Flushing medicine down the toilet can contaminate the water supply and disposing of medication in a dustbin means that it will eventually surface somewhere with unknown consequences.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.