March 27, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.111

Care News

A policy which began in 2006 is being extended throughout England from this April. It means that patients having non-emergency treatment will be able to choose from any hospital in the country where they are treated. Details of hospitals and their services can be found on the NHS Choices website and it is expected that in the future private firms will be encouraged to work with the NHS hospitals on sponsoring deals under this plan.

Valuing People Now is a report about what the government thinks should happen with learning disabilities services over the next three years. The important areas outlined in the consultation document are:

If you agree that these things are important, or if you disagree or have a point of view you wish to express, you have to do so by 28th March 2008.

You can let the government know your opinions by going to Google and putting "Valuing People Now" and down loading the "easy read" version of the report with questions. You will need to complete and send this off with a first class stamp TODAY.

In-House News

A potential new client has been visited in Norfolk.

Reviews, risk assessments and team meetings have taken place in Berkshire, Suffolk and Hertfordshire.

A new client post has commenced in Sussex, Care Manager Sam. A young lady with an acquired head injury. Sal. �631.00pw inc.

All clients of Able Community Care were covered throughout the Easter period. The "on-call" manager dealt with two emergencies where the live-in carer had to be replaced and these were managed to a successful conclusion.

Interesting Information

NHS Direct report that currently the number of calls received is around 400,000 per month. This number is down 7% on 2006. Each call is costed (2007) at just over �16.00 each.

The website receives approx. 3m visits per month.

Worldwide, 10% of all deaths in any year are related to stroke or it's sequelae.

Question asked of Able Community Care in January 2007

"I have an aunt and I am her closest relative. Recently the care agency that she has, carried out a risk assessment and advised me that in their opinion the bed she was sleeping on and her commode chair (both many years old) were not really suitable for her disability and could actually cause her problems in the future.

I rang her local surgery to arrange an assessment in order that we could be given advice as to what kind of furniture would best suit my aunt only to be told it could be arranged but that there might be a wait of six months.

Rather than hear on the phone that my aunt has had a fall or worse because of her present situation, I would like some information about where else I might be able to get some advice."

Answer : If you do not wish to wait this length of time for the statutory professional advice you may wish to obtain the services of an Occupational Therapist yourself to enable you to make the right choice much quicker.

You can do this by contacting the Occupational Therapists in Independent Practice (UK) on 08003894873 or by going to their website at

They will be able to give you details of the nearest practitioner to you.

(An interesting statistic is that the above site has been visited over 75,000 times in less than five years.)

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.