March 06, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.108

Care News

Registration of care staff which is destined to come in this year is expected to begin in late summer.
(Answer to written parliamentary question)

The Priory, the psychiatric hospital chain is moving ahead with plans to set up a chain of nursing homes, getting into the UK elderly care market. The company expects to have 500 beds by the end of 2008 as a result of acquisitions.

Juniors doctors want Gordon brown to win an �opt out� on a new EU rule limiting their working week to 48 hours.

They believe that working only 48 hours a week puts patients at risk, as they may have to stop in the middle of treatment to hand their patients over to a colleague and that it will stop junior doctors getting enough experience. The health department is also lobbying for an amendment to ensure that �on call� time is not counted as working time.

The situation current in some other EU countries is:


In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Surrey and Yorkshire.

Risk assessments, care plan reviews have taken place in Cambridgeshire, Berkshire and Yorkshire.

Care Managers Susan Lamb and Nick Turrell attended the following course: Person Centred Approaches to Challenging Behaviour.

Potential carers have been interviewed in Norwich.

A new post has commenced in Kent with an elderly lady with a terminal illness. Sal. � Care Manager Sam on 01603 281918

A new post in Wales for a lady in her fifties suffering with a spinal disease. Sal. �639.00pw inc. Care Manager Susan Lamb on 01603 281914

Susan also has a further new client in Wales. A lady in her sixties suffering from a brain haemorrhage. Sal.�

Care Manager Nick Turell has a new client in Sussex. An elderly lady suffering with Alzheimers Disease. Sal.�579.00pw inc. Nick�s number is 01603 281915

Interesting Information

Unusual item this week - Household Estate Agents of Luton have a large semi-detatched house for sale that has been adapted for a disabled person in that a large annex, with a separate entrance has been built. The annex has an intercom, is wheelchair accessible throughout and has a shower/wet room en-suite. The town centre is 20 minutes away. Parking for three cars. For further particulars please contact the agents 01582 487487

Question asked of Able Community Care May 2007

"I am a diabetic and not very mobile. My weekly shop is done for me by my carer in the small village where I live. Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth and the local shop has been kind enough to order a few diabetic chocolate bars for me. However, I have a wish for the taste of the sweets of my childhood, the old fashioned pear drops for example. Do they exist for diabetics?"

Answer : Several manufacturers make a range of sweets for diabetics and one I have found is a company called Bag of Sweets.

In their diabetic range they list: large pear drops, liquorice toffee, mint aniseed, Mintoes, pineapple fizz, sugar free Polo�s, rhubarb and custard, cough candy, Devon toffee, chocolate limes, barley sugar and many more. These are sugar free and suitable for diabetics.

For details of their sweets, delivery etc. visit their shop online at: or write to them at Atlantis Sales, 3 Gloucester Street, Bath, BA1 2SE, England.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.