January 17, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.101

Care News

For over 19 years the ILF (Independent Living Fund) has assisted more than 45,000 UK residents living with a disability to have the freedom to choose to live in the community rather than in residential care.

Since summer 2006 there has been a rise of 27% in the application rate. As a result the ILF Trustees have had to make changes to their current policy to ensure funds are allocated to people who have higher support costs. The following change has been accepted by the Minister for Disabled People:

The threshold sum Local Authorities are required to pay before a person is eligible to receive ILF funding will rise from �200.00 pw to �320.00 pw

Many authorities currently contribute around that figure as the average weekly LA contribution is already approx. �300.00pw.

Currently the ILF provides financial support to over 20,000 disabled people. The ILF is sponsored by the Department of Works and Pensions.
(Source: ILF Press release)

Parents of a young disabled woman in the Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council area took the Council to the Local Government Ombudsman because they felt that the Council had failed to meet the needs of their daughter or to make any appropriate plans for her future care.

The complaint was upheld by the Ombudsman but the Council have failed to comply with the recommendations. The Ombudsman has now repeated the recommendations in a second report with the hope that the Council will now implement them in full.

Part of the recommendations include payment to her parents of �1000.00 for each week they have had to care for their daughter since August 2005 excluding weeks when their daughter was in respite care.

Further information can be found at:

Over 55 and living in London? Sponsored by Shelter and nine other charities is Free Wills Fortnight. The scheme allows you to have a will written or updated by a local solicitor for free. The scheme runs from 17th January to 31st January 2008.

In the past five years almost half of care homes for the elderly in Suffolk have closed. Since 2002 a total of 114 care homes in the county have closed. There are now 142 care homes in Suffolk.
(Source: Eastern Daily Press)

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Wales and Devon.

A new post has commenced in Nottinghamshire for a young man with CP. Care Manager is Alan on 01603 281916. Weekly inc. salary is �611.00.

Potential carers have been interviewed in Gloucestershire, South Wales, Hampshire and South Wales.

Advertisements for potential carers have this week been placed in the following newspapers and websites:

Interesting Information

The Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill
The above Bill will be having its second reading in the House of Lords and this will allow money which has been lying dormant in banks and building societies to be used for reinvestment in the community. The distribution of the money will be by the Lottery Fund for projects nationwide.

Dormant, in the terms of the Bill has been defined as one where there has been no customer initiated activity for fifteen years.

Estimates are that there is between �250m-�350m in banks and a further �150m in building societies.

Question asked of Able Community Care in April 2006:
"I am newly retired and I would like to take a holiday with my son who is partially sighted. Are there any holiday companies that combine trips for those who can see and those who are blind or have poor sight?"

Answer : Traveleyes is a travel company which may be of interest to you.. It provides holidays for both sighted and poor sighted/blind people travelling together. Holidays can be based in countries around the Mediterranean and the company hopes to provide trips to South Africa early next year. If you visit their website at http://www.traveleyes.co.uk you can register for free and be kept up to date with new destinations/offers etc. If you prefer to telephone the number is 08709 220221

Legal and General have published some figures on longevity applicable to the area of the country in which you live.

For example if you live in South Norfolk, Wokingham and Uttlesford in Essex you can expect to live on average for 80 years. If you live in Hart in Hampshire, in East Dorset or Kensington and Chelsea you can expect to live even longer.

However, life expectancy in Glasgow is given as 69.9 years, Manchester 72.5 years and Blackpool is 73.2 years.

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Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.