January 10, 2008 -- Able Newsflash No.100

Care News

Harrow Council is having to re-consider its policy to restrict home care to only people with a �critical� need. The council had withdrawn care from approx 500 people who had been classified as having �substantial� needs which is lower than having �critical� needs. In the High Court it was found that the council had not sufficiently considered its duties under The Disability Discrimination Act 2005. Harrow council had cut its home care provision because of funding shortfalls. (Source: UKHCA)

Counsel and Care have published the results of a survey they have carried out with reference to care of the over 65�s in Gt. Britain.

The survey has revealed that on average, for the people who need caring for in this age group, there is a financial deficit of �25,000 for every person who is disabled. This �25,000 per year, which is the true cost of care that is not being funded by the state, is being funded by either a persons life savings or by their loved ones providing the care or helping with the costs.

At the present time 1.9m people over the age of 65 receive no state funded care and this figure is set to rise.

You and Yours is launching a month long series on Care in the UK starting this week on BBC Radio 4 at 12.04 GMT.

In-House News

A potential client visit has taken place in Nottinghamshire.

A risk assessment and review has taken place in Gloucestershire.

New posts have commenced in;

Interesting Information

Question asked of Able Community Care in January 2007

Do you know if it possible to still buy smelling salts?

Answer: Yes it is. A company by the name of Mackenzies manufactures them and you should be able to get them from any local chemist.

The Financial Services Authority has awarded MIND, the mental health charity, �95,000 to explore the link between debt and mental health.

Staying Put is a generalized title for many charities throughout the country who understand that many older people whilst wanting to stay in their own home cannot deal with repairs, adaptations, building jobs required on their home, etc.

Such schemes exist to help people with routine maintenance, the repair and improvement of their homes in order to help them to continue to live at home.

The services can include help such as assessing any adaptations that a person may be considering, giving information about reputable tradesmen, giving advice on grant applications and if applicable helping with the application and supervising any work in progress, etc

To find out if there is a Staying Put charity in any area contact the local Age Concern or a local council office.

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