Gardening For Disabled And Older People

Gardening can be a pleasure and is a form of relaxation for people who enjoy such a hobby. However, getting older or having a disability may make the pleasure more of a chore so any hints or ideas that can make gardening a little easier may be of help.

The following ideas on gardening for disabled and older people have come from those people have given us and from various books and websites. We hope they may be of help.

  • Make sure that paths are wheelchair friendly and if you want to have a shed or greenhouse, make sure the doors are wide enough to take your wheelchair easily and will also allow you to turn round.
  • There are many tools that are designed for ease of use from a wheelchair, for people who are less dextrous than they were or are unable to lift anything but the lightest tool and these are easily available.
  • Raised beds, containers, an old sink or any bucket or pot that can have drainage can be used to grow flowers or vegetables. If you can get someone to put a piece of trellis or some large hole netting/wire netting behind, for example against a wall, you can grown runner beans, sweet peas and many other climbing plants.
  • Tomatoes are a crop which can, from a two or three plants give you fresh tomatoes all summer. A courgette planted in a pot will give you a regular supply for many weeks and cut and come again lettuce varieties, radishes and spring onions can all be sown in regular intervals to give eating pleasure throughout the Summer.
  • If you have beds and borders, look out for ground cover plants which will reduce your weeding.
  • If you garden without a wheelchair but have reduced mobility, make sure that you have seats available so that you can sit down for a rest or to just enjoy your surroundings.
  • If you have any personal tips, let us know by emailing to and we will add them to this page.

For more information on gardening for disabled people here's a useful website:

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