Tips for Wheelchair Gardening

Gardening from a wheelchair can be made easier and more enjoyable by using one or more of the following tips:

  • Make your gardening tools less 'slippery' by sticking Velcro, foam or pipe insulation wrap on the handles.
  • Ask your OT if wearing a wrist splint would be of benefit when gardening and if other aids and equipment are available for your individual need.
  • Attach to your chair a bag that can carry the tools you need.
  • Raised beds will enable you to access, plant and harvest easier.
  • To make your garden more interesting, grow climbing plants on a trellis for easy maintenance .e.g. roses, sweet peas, runner beans, training tomatoes, etc.
  • A hose pipe can be attached to a wall for easy watering.
  • Window boxes, containers, all can be used for either vegetables or flowers.

Thrive is the organisation that enables gardening to be enjoyed by all. Visit their website at for further information.

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