Tips On Buying Clothes For An Elderly Person

As people get older, fingers often are no longer as nimble as they used to be, bending and twisting is not as easy as it once was and dressing and undressing becomes more of a chore.

Underwear that fastens at the back, small buttons on blouses and shirts, trousers and jeans with zips that get stiffer each wash and shoes that have laces all make deciding what to wear each day a problem.

In the last few years however, there has been an increase in companies who design and sell adaptive clothing that no longer necessarily looks like "hospital" wear.

Bras that do up at the front, blouses and shirts that have either Velcro fastening or magnetic fastenings. The blouses and shirts have front buttons so look just like an ordinary item of clothing.

Jeans and trousers can be purchased with a front panel that opens for ease of dressing and using the toilet, again looking like an ordinary clothing item.

Many skirts have a larger side opening, fasten with Velcro, pants and knickers similarly.

Shoes and slippers that support feet and have non slip soles can be purchased with the fastening of Velcro holding the feet securely.

Outerwear for all weathers that are lightweight and have Velcro touch fastenings are easy to put on and many are machine washable.

Many elderly people have care staff who come in to assist with dressing and to make this activity as pleasant as possible many items of clothing have back fastening to make the process more dignified and quicker. Shirts, blouses, nightclothes can all be purchased that have a simple back fastening.

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The following companies offer clothing that make dressing easier for an older person:

We would recommend buying clothes for an elderly person from these or similar establishments.

Able Community Care has been working in the homes of older people since 1980. Our live-in care staff help older people with all aspects of their personal hygiene, the domestic work in their home and provide companionship. Our services are available throughout England, Scotland, Wales and The Channel Islands.

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