The Story Which Inspired The Start of Discretely Different

Until my close friend Josie contracted MND and became disabled I, like most people, had given little thought to the difficulties faced by disabled people, particularly when it came to carrying out everyday tasks like dressing.

Josie's mobility deteriorated quite rapidly, and dressing soon became an issue for her. Underwear, particularly suitable panties to enable her to use toileting aids, instead of being hoisted from her chair, or having to wear incontinence pants, was a particular priority to resolve for her. Her desire for feminine and practical underwear could not be met by anything available in the shops, so we combined my textile and garment technologist experience with her ideas, and cutting a long story short, The Josie Front Opening Panty was developed.

Sadly Josie lost her battle with MND, but she inspired me to start Discretely Different. I hope that I can continue to design and manufacture practical underwear and clothing for other people who are faced with similar circumstances.

Following the core principle of responding to client identified needs, the range of underwear and outerwear is steadily growing. As well as our range of ladies and gents pants, it also includes, soft comfort bras, a selection of nightwear, trousers and most recently clothing protectors. All garments have been designed as a direct result of requests, all are manufactured in our own workroom in the UK and all are made to the highest standards using quality fabrics.

Still at the centre of our efforts is the drive to make what people need. Our main range is offered in standard sizes and designs, but we know that sometimes people need something a little different to 'off-the-shelf' garments, so wherever possible our products can be altered to meet exact needs. A recent request was for a modification to our William side opening trousers, making one leg bigger than the other to fit over a leg fixator. This unique service is available by contacting us, by phone 0116 2386338, email: or via our website:

Setting up a new business is always challenging: setting up a business which puts the client at the centre of its purpose is claimed by most businesses. Discretely Different has moved forward by fulfilling its promise to listen and respond, as illustrated by the many clients who have written to us with praise.

"Discretely Different has worked tirelessly to provide me with a bespoke product that fulfils a complicated design brief at a very reasonable cost" (Les).

(This is a guest article from Discretely Different)

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