Telecare Equipment And Assistive Technology Products

Assistive technology equipment and telecare products are modern technologies which can provide help and increased safety for elderly and disabled people in their own home.

Telecare systems or assistive technology devices can be applied to many different pieces of equipment which can support a person to remain living in their own home.

The range of telecare is increasing and can be adapted to an individual's needs in their home enviroment.

Telecare or assistive technology equipment can include:

  • Epilepsy sensors
  • Low temperature sensors
  • Falls detectors
  • Carers pages alert which can be linked to a community alarm system
  • Pressure mats
  • Smoke detectors
  • Flood detectors
  • Medication dispensers
  • Lamp and light controls
  • Movement detector
  • Bed or chair sensors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Bogus caller button
  • Gas detector and shut off valve
  • Prompting call
  • Home exit sensor
  • Radio sensor
  • Door bell intercom
  • Memo reminder

In the UK it is estimated that 1.75 million people now rely on Telecare.
The Telecare Services Association represents the telecare industry and has more than 320 members who provide telecare services and work to their Code of Practice. Organisations that have the Telecare Service Association’s accreditation are rigorously assessed each year to ensure compliance with the standards laid down.

The website of the Association at enables you to locate service providers in your area and includes case histories and further interesting information.

The Association is a not for profit organisation funded by their members.

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