Shopping Tips - Making Shopping Easier for Elderly and Disabled People

Many of us have both local shops and supermarkets in the area in which we live. However, if you are an older person or you have a disability, which one is the most suitable to make your shopping more of a pleasure than a chore?

If you would like to find out, contact your local shop or supermarket and ask some of the following questions. Their answers may help you decide who will benefit from your custom.

  • If you are mobile but need to take your time are there chairs available for you to sit on for a rest?
  • Is there a toilet with wheelchair access?
  • Have you a wheelchair that I can borrow and do you have trolleys especially designed for use with a wheelchair?
  • If I go on my own, will you have a member of staff who can accompany me to help with my selection of goods?
  • Will there be a member of staff to help me pack at the checkout and then be able to take my shopping to the car?
  • If I arrive by taxi and I do not want to pay to keep it waiting, do you have the facility for me to order a taxi in the store when I am ready to leave?
  • If there is a petrol station at the supermarket and are staff available to help me fill up my car?
  • Is there a home delivery service if I want to phone in my order?
  • Are there hearing loops at kiosk/checkout points?
  • Are there low level writing shelves and disabled checkouts?
  • If there is a cafe is it disabled friendly?

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