Shopping Services For Elderly And Disabled People

Everyone needs to shop for essential groceries and other household goods. But when a person’s mobility decreases, this essential activity becomes a significant problem especially if you live on your own. This is when shopping services for the elderly and disabled become a vital part of living.

Some of our supermarkets run a local minibus service to enable people to get to their store and once there a wheelchair and a personal shopper can support you with your shopping requirements after which you will be returned to your home. However, this is a service which varies from supermarket to supermarket and town to town.

Some Age Concern branches run a service whereby you can ring your "order" into them and they will order it online for you with a local supermarket who will then deliver it to you. The supermarket will charge for this service which is around about £5.00.

Local shops are always worth contacting to ask if they will deliver goods to you. Grocers, greengrocers, chemists, etc., all have to compete with their nearest supermarket so may well welcome a regular customer as a result of providing you with the delivery service.

If you are connected to the Internet then it is much easier as you can order almost anything on line and it will be delivered to your home. Aids and equipment to make life easier in the home, furniture, white goods, gifts, books, music, etc are all available to be purchased without venturing out of the front door.

Shopping is one of the activities that hundreds of Able Community Care live-in care staff does each week for the elderly or disabled person they are providing a care service to. Their client can either choose to let their live-in carer do the shopping alone after they have discussed the meals for the next few days for example, or they can accompany the live-in carer and do their "own shopping" and turn the occasion into a social one, perhaps having a morning coffee or afternoon tea at the end of the shop.

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