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Our recent winter weather has brought problems to many elderly and disabled people who, rather than cooking in their own home, have come to rely on the wide range of ready meals that are available from local shops and supermarkets.

The several weeks of icy pavements and falling snow meant that many people were unable to leave their home in case of falling over. As a result they either had to rely on good neighbours to shop for them, or were left for several days making do with whatever they had in the store cupboard.

Many thousands of elderly and disabled people have come to rely on the Meals on Wheels Service from the WRVS, who daily have volunteers delivering hot meals throughout the UK. Yellow Pages will have the telephone number of your nearest branch and you can give them a ring to see if this service can be helpful to you.

Nationwide there are other independent providers of doorstep meal deliveries and the following companies deliver to many parts of the UK. A call to either of these companies will enable you to have a brochure and you can see if you would like to give them a try:

  • Wiltshire Farm Foods can be contacted on 0800 773 773 They have 70 outlets nationwide from which they deliver food to your door.
  • Oakhouse Foods began delivering meals in 1994 and they can be contacted on 0845 643 2009.

Many people who do not want to cook for themselves any more also find that the domestic tasks around their home are becoming a problem. Changing the bed, the laundry, hoovering, even day to day shopping gets to be a chore.

At such a time, considering whether to pack up and move into a residential home is often on the agenda. For family members who live some distance away, this is a thought that often comes into mind as a safe solution for an elderly person who is becoming frail and vulnerable.

There is another choice however. Able Community Care can provide live-in carers who can not only provide you with meals of your choice, but can carry out the domestic work in your home, help you with personal care if you would like them to and provide companionship and a safe environment.

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