Home Modifications for Disabled and Older People

Home modifications are an absolute necessity for many disabled people and senior citizens. Modifications make it possible for them to stay in the houses that they have lived in their entire lives. There are a few simple modifications that United Kingdom residents can have made to make their homes much more convenient. Here are a few of them.

Stair Lifts

You do not have to have to buy a completely different home just because you have different levels in your house. Stair lifts will make it possible for you or your loved one to get up and down the stairs a lot easier. There are some programs in which you can qualify for a free stairlift in the UK but those may take awhile. The easiest path is to finance your own stairlift through a bank or another financial institution. This way you can have your home changed immediately.


Curves can be especially difficult to navigate as you get older because they lead to a lot of accidents. You want to avoid going up as many outdoor steps as possible or walking over a curve by installing ramps. Ramps can make your home wheelchair accessible so you can get in and out the main door as easily as possible. This way your home is convenient for you to enter and for visitors that are handicapped as well. Wheelchair ramps are cost affordable and easy to install. You can have one installed outside of your home in a few days.

Bathroom renovations

You can have your bathroom renovated so that it is much easier to get around by just making a few subtle changes. You can install a grab bar or rail in the shower to make it easier to get in and out. The bathtub can also be made accessible to those that want to make it simpler to take a bath. You can even add a tool to the toilet seat to raise it up higher so you do not have to move as much to sit down. None of these changes require removing your existing showers or baths. Changes can be made to the existing equipment.

You can check with the government for grants that exist to provide you with home modification services. Many of these modifications are covered for seniors that live on a fixed income.

(This is a guest article from Stannah Stairlifts)

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