Elderly or Disabled? Cruise With A Carer/Companion

Older people and people who have a disability sometimes find the idea of a foreign holiday inviting but are put off by the efforts of the preparation and organisation involved. The drive to the airport, or the train journey, accessing the flight, getting off at your destination and the necessary travel needed to get to your holiday accommodation and to wherever you wish to visit in your holiday plans.

For many people the idea of a cruise is therefore perfect. All that is needed is for you to arrive at your ship and then all your needs are catered for until you arrive back after an enjoyable and entertaining holiday.

The reality of a cruise is that your holiday needs are totally catered for and there are cruise ships which are specialising in providing services to more mature passengers. Consideration is given to offer appropriate entertainment, talks and lectures around subjects of interest to mature minds, there are special diets for people who require them and cruises catering for older people have a doctor on board.

Such cruise ships will be wheelchair friendly both to access the amenities and where special rooms are required. There will be aids and equipment on board and mention of a particular medication need before setting off will mean that any medication needs will be covered.

Excursions and other tourist entertainments will be suited to both interests and physical abilities. Help should always be forthcoming for any problems.

What if the idea of a cruise is exciting and something to look forward to but the problem is that solitary travel is unappealing?

Able Community Care could help by providing a Carer/Companion to accompany and make the cruise attainable and enjoyable.

An Able Community Carer/Companion would provide companionship and help with any personal care that a person may require at any time during the trip. Small domestic tasks that are a part of any holiday can also be carried out by the Carer/Companion.

Although cruise ships tend to naturally blend other passengers together in a friendly atmosphere, the security of knowing that someone is always there for you will make the trip more enjoyable and relaxing.

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