Discount Car Insurance For Carers

Car insurance premiums just seem to rise and rise. It’s no exaggeration to say that the car insurance market experienced unprecedented rate hikes last year with some drivers seeing premiums rise by as much as 40%.

The way to combat this is to find insurance companies who actually value you as a customer rather than just another number. That can be done by insuring your car with specialists who have insurance policies specifically designed for niche markets.

We at Prestige Insurance (part of the Allen & Allen Group) recognise carers and people involved in the care industry as better, more careful drivers due to their nature and the responsibility they hold. That means premiums are generally lower because we want to attract this niche type of business and we want to keep hold of it meaning that we don’t want to lose people at renewal!

We also recognise the fact that some carers need Any Driver policies which nowadays are few and far between. We can provide policies on an Any Driver basis and we also recognise the fact that the business use of carers is not readily available from insurance companies if they need to be added to someone’s policy. This is because Class Two business use on a policy covers named drivers for the business use of the policyholder’s business only rather than the named driver’s own business. But rest assured, we have a policy which will provide the business use that carers require if they need to be added to someone else’s policy.

Here is some recent feedback:

  • "Recommend this insurance company i am paying £1200 fully comp prestige quoted me £490 fully comp, am changing very soon thanks prestige."
  • "Just like to say thanks for great service I received today by yourselves. Spoke to a lass called Jade. She was fantastic to deal with and even better she managed to save me nearly 600 notes. Please pass my thanks on."
  • "Just had a great quote. i liked how helpfull he was. Thanks, Dave."
  • "I'd just like to add that they did me a fantastic price for the Cinqs renewal"
  • "Called Prestige and spoke to Jade who was v helpful. Brilliant. Highly recommended guys."
  • "Just had a fantastic quote of these guys."

Please feel free to contact us at Prestige Insurance on 0800 3308057 and quote ABLE COMMUNITY CARE for a competitive quote on our discount car insurance scheme for carers which is designed with you in mind!

(This is a guest article from Prestige Insurance)

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