Birthday Present Ideas for Older People

Taken from an Able Information Sheet, here are eight birthday present ideas for older people:

  1. Buy or fill a box with blank cards that can be used for another person's birthday, welcome home, sympathy, new baby, etc by writing the appropriate greeting in and add a book of stamps. If they give gifts themselves, add wrapping paper and tags.
  2. If the older person is relatively mobile and likes to shop or visit friends, buy a "taxi fare float" from a local taxi company that can be used when the person chooses.
  3. Go online and send half a dozen, beautifully decorated cupcakes to be sent once a month.
  4. Many large print jigsaws now follow a reminiscence theme, these will providing stimulation and a talking point for visitors. Talking books are excellent entertainment so a cd player with an audio book would make an excellent gift. After that future audio books can be borrowed free from a library.
  5. A Pay As You Go Mobile is a gift that can be used if a person goes out and needs to call a taxi or is out and does not feel well. Similarly, if an older person's home phone is old, why not think about replacing it with a new one with big numbers and key in the important numbers, family, friends, doctors, hairdresser, etc.
  6. A subscription to a magazine is a gift that lasts all year and the range now available to buy is large e.g. Best of British, This England, etc.
  7. A beautiful blanket such as a 'Huggerug' makes a welcome present and they are available in a waterproof version for outdoors.
  8. A trip out for lunch is always welcomed and looked forward to. If you book ahead always mention if you are bringing a wheelchair, your companion has mobility problems, needs to be near the rest room, etc.

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