Tips And Advice For Partially Sighted People

As we get older we may find that, as a result of aging or because of an illness, our sight becomes impaired and it is difficult for example to read a daily newspaper, find out what television programs are showing or what is available to listen to on the radio.

Many people in this situation try using a magnifying glass to keep up to date and to see what television program they might like to watch or what radio program they would like to listen to.

However there is another choice: Big Print.

Big Print is a national, weekly newspaper that gives the up to date news and has included a supplement showing radio and TV programs.

It is available to be posted direct to a person each week and would make a welcome gift for anyone who is partially sighted. The newspaper which can be ordered from the RNIB has the offer that you can try a free sample to see if the newspaper is appropriate for your needs.

To find out more and to subscribe you can call the RNIB on 0303 123 9999 or email  You can find out more about Big Print on this RNIB page.

Many partially sighted people find that they also need extra help in their home, help with their personal care and have had to accept a reduced social life because they feel unsafe to go out on their own.
At such a time many people think that they may need to consider going into a residential home. However, some people choose to contact Able Community Care to find out about having a live-in care scheme which will enable them to have help with their domestic chores, their personal care and help to retain greater independence with reference to their social life.

For more information and a brochure about the live-in care services provided by Able Community Care please call us on 01603 764567 or contact us via our website; www..

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