Swine Flu Prevention & Risk Reduction Guidance From NHS Direct

This guidance has been taken from the NHS Direct and Department of Health web sites as on the 1st May 2009


What can I do?

You can reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of catching or spreading swine flu by:

  • Always covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
  • Dispose of dirty tissues promptly and carefully.
  • Maintain good basic hygiene, for example washing hands frequently with soap and water to reduce the spread of the virus from your hands to face, or to other people.
  • Clean hard surfaces, such as door handles, frequently using a normal cleaning product.
  • Be aware on a daily basis of government messages in the media for national updates as to the country’s plans.


In the event that you become ill with swine flu during a pandemic please follow the measures outlined below:

  1. Contact your Care Manager immediately to inform them of your illness and to advise them that you will not be able to work.
  2. Discuss with your Care Manager other clients that you have visited so that these service users and fellow care workers can be monitored for symptoms of the virus.
  3. Contact NHS Direct initially for guidance, as local health services may be under immense pressure to care for very ill people.

Able Community Care, July 2009

For further information please refer to our Swine Flu Contingency Plan.

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