Swine Flu Contingency Plan for Able Community Care

Although it is hoped that Swine Flu will not be epidemic in the UK we need to be prepared in case of illness amongst our carers and clients.

Everyone in the UK will receive from the government a leaflet advising about what symptoms to look for, whom to alert if necessary, how to care for someone who has been diagnosed with Swine Flu and to prevent the virus spreading.

The situation with regards to Able Community Care is the following:

  • If you have Swine Flu, either as a carer or a client, please advise your Care Manager as soon as is possible.
  • If many care staff are ill with the Flu it is likely that carers who do not have the illness may be asked:
    • To stay longer in a placement than their previously agreed time.
    • To work additional placements in order that our clients are not left uncovered.

Care staff who have not worked for some time or whom work infrequently may be asked to help out with emergency placements.

In the situation where additional staff come in from other agencies and do not turn up, Able care staff may have to work on their own. However, where MH requiring two people is necessary, please care for client in bed if necessary until normal service is resumed. At such time, please advise your Care Manager of the situation, record details in log book, advise your clients family/friends/social worker.

If the worst comes to the worst, lets all pull together to keep our clients covered, ourselves well and try to prevent the Flu spreading!

Angela Gifford.

(Sent to all carers/clients/advocates in May 2009 with the Gazette.) 

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